Getting started on a computer

What computers can I use BBC iPlayer on?

You can use the BBC iPlayer website on the following computers:

  • Mac
  • Windows PC
  • Linux

You'll need to use one of our supported internet browsers to use the BBC iPlayer website. Find out what browsers are supported on the Supported internet browsers and operating systems page. 

Not sure what a browser is? It’s a piece of software installed on your computer that gives you access to websites. 

How do I use BBC iPlayer on my computer?

  • Watch live or on demand
    Watch live and on-demand programmes on your computer by heading to the website: Once you've found the programme you want to watch, just press the play button and you're off!  
  • Watch when you're offline or away
    You can also download programmes to play when you're not connected to the internet or when you're outside the UK. To do this, you'll need to install our BBC iPlayer Downloads application onto your computer. There's more information about this on the Getting started with BBC iPlayer Downloads on computers page.

    Linux isn't supported for BBC iPlayer Downloads. We've got more information about this in the Can I download programmes on Linux? page. 

Do I need to sign in to use BBC iPlayer? 

Yes, you do. One of the benefits of signing in is a more personalised experience. Find out more on the Personalisation in BBC iPlayer page, and visit BBC account help for help with creating a BBC account.