Can I watch programmes in Ultra HD on my connected TV?

Can't find Ultra HD content on your PlayStation4 Pro? This page has more info: Why is Ultra HD content unavailable on my PS4 Pro?

If you've got a supported TV device, you can enjoy the following programmes in stunning Ultra HD (UHD) and High Dynamic Range (HDR): 

  • Green Planet (weekly after the TV broadcast)
  • The Responder
  • Attenborough's Wonder of Song
  • The Tourist
  • A Very British Scandal
  • The Girl Before
  • Showtrial
  • Wonders of the Celtic Deep
  • The Trick
  • The Earthshot Prize: Repairing Our Planet 
  • Ridley Road
  • Vigil
  • 9/11: Inside the President's War Room
  • The Pursuit of Love
  • Blue Planet II
  • Attenborough's Life in Colour
  • Doctor Who: Revolution of the Daleks
  • Dynasties
  • His Dark Materials 
  • A Perfect Planet
  • The Queen's Christmas Broadcast
  • Seven Worlds, One Planet 

As part of our trial, we also provided live streams in Ultra HD for both the UEFA Men's Euro 2020 and Wimbledon 2021.

Which devices are supported?

You'll need a supported device to be able to access our Ultra HD trials. Check the following page for our full list of supported TV devices: Supported TV devices for UHD trials.

How can I access Ultra HD programmes?

Just open the BBC iPlayer app on your TV and search for one of the programmes above. For live content, check the iPlayer homepage on your TV app and select to watch, or if you're looking for live sport and it's not on the homepage, check the Sport Category for the live stream. 

You'll need to make sure your video quality is set to Best Quality. Find out how to do that in our How do I set the video quality on my connected TV or games console? page.

Want to know when new Ultra HD content is available?

We'll keep this page up to date with the latest Ultra HD content, but if you scroll to the bottom of this page - or click here - you can add your email address to our notification list. We'll let you know when new UHD programmes are ready to watch! 

Having streaming issues?

You'll need an internet connection of 24MBit/s for the full 3840 pixel Ultra HD experience, or 12MBit/s for 2560 pixel Ultra HD.

If you're having streaming issues, your connection may not be fast or stable enough to play the Ultra HD stream smoothly at that time. In this case, changing your video quality settings to Standard Definition will allow you to watch the programme in SD. Find out how to do that in our How do I set the video quality on my connected TV or games console? page.

Video too dark in UHD? Check the BBC Research & Development Blog for further info and help: How to Adjust Your TV to Enjoy the Best Picture Quality in HDR

More info

To find out more about our Ultra HD roadmap to date, including what we've been working on, what's worked well and what's proved difficult, read our BBC Research & Development blog by Project Engineer Simon Thompson: The FA Cup, the Next Step on the BBC's Ultra HD Roadmap.

To read how we were able to broadcast the World Cup and Wimbledon live in Ultra HD on BBC iPlayer in 2018, including how we managed latency and darkness, check our BBC Technology + Creativity blog written by Senior Product Manager Jim Simmons: Broadcasting the World Cup and Wimbledon in UHD - the full story.



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