How do I uninstall BBC iPlayer Downloads on a Mac?

This page provides instructions on how to uninstall the BBC iPlayer Downloads app on your Mac. For PC instructions, see How do I uninstall BBC iPlayer Downloads on a PC?.

To completely remove BBC iPlayer Downloads, you'll need to uninstall the app and remove some additional folders, which we've listed below.

To remove the application

  • Go to Applications
  • Ctrl+Click BBC iPlayer Downloads
  • Select Move to trash
You'll now need to remove a folder named BBC iPlayer Downloads which is located in the Movies folder. The full path location is User > USER-NAME > Movies > "BBC iPlayer Downloads"

To do this, go to your folders and

  • Select the User folder
  • Select your user name
  • Select the Movies folder
  • Click on the Preferences folder
  • Delete BBC iPlayer Downloads

Uninstalling version 1.x (e.g. v1.14.2*)?

There are a couple of other folders called BBCiPlayerDownloads that need to be deleted at the following locations, using the same method as above: 

  • User > USER-NAME > Library > Preference > BBCiPlayerDownloads
  • User > USER-NAME > Library > Application Support > Adobe > AIR > ELS > BBCiPlayerDownloads

 If you can’t see the Library folder:

  • Open the Finder
  • Choose Go from the menu bar
  • Choose Go to Folder (or Shift + Cmd + G)
  • Type ~/Library into the text box and click Go

*How to check what version you have installed

Open the Downloads application and click on Settings at the top right of the screen. The app version will be displayed at the top left of the Settings screen. For example, BBC iPlayer Downloads v2.1.1 or BBC iPlayer Downloads v1.14.2

iPlayer Downloads version number highlighted in top left corner

Useful link: wikiHow: How to uninstall programs on Mac computers