What devices support accessibility features?

We’re committed to making our broadcast and online services as accessible as possible. However, the availability of subtitles and audio described programmes varies between the different versions of BBC iPlayer due to technical limitations.


Subtitles are available for on-demand programmes and downloads (where available) on:

  • BBC iPlayer app on mobiles and tablets
  • BBC iPlayer app on most connected TV devices
  • BBC iPlayer app on games consoles
  • BBC iPlayer website on computers and laptops
  • BBC iPlayer website on mobiles and tablets
  • BT Vision
  • Chromecast (black & white subtitles only)
  • Freesat G2
  • Sky On Demand (programmes broadcast since 26 October 2020)
  • Sky Q (via the BBC iPlayer app)
  • Virgin Media TiVo
  • YouView

We’re working on making subtitles available on Apple TV (4th Generation).

Subtitles on live TV channels

Subtitles are available on our live TV channel streams on the BBC iPlayer website and on our TV app.* This is a trial which is available on all channels apart from BBC Parliament, BBC Alba and S4C. We hope to roll out this functionality to the BBC iPlayer mobile/tablet app in the future.

*Whilst we try to make subtitles available on as many browsers and operating systems as possible, there are times when this isn't possible, particularly on older devices.

Need help using subtitles on BBC iPlayer? Check the following page: How do I use subtitles on BBC iPlayer?

Audio description

Audio described programmes are available to stream but not to download on all versions of BBC iPlayer except Sky On Demand. AD programmes are sometimes broadcast at a slightly later date than the original but still have their own full availability period.

Trying to switch off audio description? Check our Can I remove audio description? page for more information.

Signed programmes

Signed programmes are available on all versions of BBC iPlayer. Like audio described programmes, they're sometimes broadcast a few days later than the original but still have their own full availability period.

Trying to switch off sign language? Check our Can I remove sign language? page for more information.