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How long are programmes available for?

We aim to make programmes available for as long as possible. The majority of our programmes are available for 30 days after broadcast; some are available for much longer while for some you’ll need to catch soon after broadcast. Downloads have the same availability as when playing from the app or website.

Programmes available for more than 30 days

  • Some current affair programmes, such as HARDtalk, Click and Panorama, are available for 365 days
  • BBC Three programmes can vary, but some are available for a year or more 
  • BBC Four Collections may contain programmes available for longer than 30 days - some don't even have an expiry date
  • BBC iPlayer Exclusives (programmes that are only available on BBC iPlayer which have not been broadcast on TV) are sometimes available for more than 30 days
  • If a programme is repeated, that availability duration will start over

We’re also extending the availability of a number of programmes including dramas, documentaries and comedy series. This explains why you’ll sometimes spot these types of programmes available for longer.

Programmes available for less than 30 days

  • News bulletins may only be available for up to 24 hours after broadcast or until the next bulletin is broadcast
  • Some sport coverage may only be available for 7 days
  • Sometimes we'll remove a programme for editorial/legal reasons; when we do this, we list it on our programme issues and updates page

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