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What are Live Events in iPlayer?

Live Events are streams of sports events or music festivals that have not been broadcast on TV. For example, lives streams from Wimbledon or the Glastonbury Festival that show different coverage to what's being broadcast on TV. These streams are available in addition to the standard BBC TV broadcast of an event.

This means you'll be able to see more of what you want.

Can I watch live on any device?

Not all TV devices support live playback. To avoid any confusion or disappointment, you won't be offered the live streams if your device doesn't support them.

We’re also aware that some Android devices may freeze during live playback. For more details, see our FAQ: Why does my Android phone/tablet freeze when I’m watching programmes?

Where will I find Live Events in BBC iPlayer?

This depends on the event. You’ll find live events on the Homepage and in the relevant Category. Why not try the sport and music categories?

And remember that you won’t find information on the events in the TV Guide or Schedule as that’s for TV broadcast channels only.

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