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How do I use Parental Guidance on a computer?

Setting up a Parental Guidance PIN is the best way to control what your children have access to on BBC iPlayer. What’s more, it’s really easy to use. Click on the relevant question to find the answer you're looking for:

How do I set up the lock?

  • If a programme has been flagged with parental guidance, it will feature a clear label and a G symbol. Look out for a red G towards the bottom left.


  • Hit the Play button and, when prompted, Turn On the lock.


  • Choose and enter a four digit PIN and press Play.


Your PIN is now set. Next time you try to watch something that we've suggested isn't suitable for kids, you'll see a message explaining why, and you'll have to enter your PIN before you watch.


You can also set the Parental Guidance Lock PIN via our Parental Controls page

You'll need to make sure cookies are enabled on your browser so that the BBC iPlayer website can remember your Parental Guidance Lock settings. You can find more information about cookies on the Using the BBC website.

How do I turn off the lock?

  • Click play on any programme with a guidance label, then select the Manage your lock option.


  • You'll be brought to our Parental Controls page where you can select Turn off PG Lock.


  • Enter your PIN and select Unlock. All programmes will now be unlocked.


When you want to switch the parental lock back on again, head to our Parental Controls page to manage your lock.

What if I forget my password (or don't remember setting up a lock)?

If you forget your password or PIN or you believe you never set up a Parental Guidance Lock to begin with, you will need to clear your browser history. If you're not sure how to do this, read the How do I clear the cache? FAQ which explains how to clear your browser history.

How do I change my Parental Guidance Lock password or PIN?

To change your Parental Guidance Lock details, you will need to delete the cookies from your browser (check our How do I clear the cache? FAQ if you're not sure how to do this), then set up a new Parental Guidance Lock from our Parental Controls page.

Can I use the Parental Guidance Lock in BBC iPlayer Downloads?

Yes. If you have the Parental Guidance Lock turned on, you’ll need to enter your PIN to download any programme with a Guidance label, like you would for playing (streaming) programmes.

Once you’ve downloaded a programme with a Guidance label, a guidance reminder will appear when you play it.

What are the terms and conditions for using the Parental Guidance Lock?

If you permit a child to use your computer, you are solely responsible for determining whether the BBC content is appropriate for that child to view. The BBC Parental Guidance Lock provides a way to help you control how guidance-labelled BBC content may be played on your computer. If you turn on the Parental Guidance Lock, your browser will not be able to access guidance-labelled content unless you type in your password or PIN.

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