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Why aren't all programmes available to download?

There are several reasons why a programme may be unavailable for download (where the download option is greyed out). Unfortunately, as there are so many different programmes on the BBC we can't talk about specific programmes but these are some of the reasons the programme you're looking for may not be available for download.

  • Live Programmes

You’ll only be able to stream live programmes. A downloadable version of the programme may be available shortly after it has finished its broadcast. Not all live episodes will be downloadable due to the other reasons listed on this page, though.

  • The programme has only just been made available to stream

If a programme has only recently become available, there may be a delay in processing the download files. This is most likely if the programme was broadcast live or close to live (recently recorded) and the files could not be prepared in advance. Try checking again later.

  • Rights 

Sometimes we can’t acquire the rights to allow a programme to be downloaded. This is most common with sports programmes and films.

  • Mobile devices

Downloading is only possible via the BBC iPlayer app. So, either open the app or install it to download a programme. 

  • Technical error 

Technical problems can cause a file not to be available. If you think you've spotted a programme fault on BBC iPlayer, check the programme issues and updates section. If it's not listed, please let us know by clicking “Contact iPlayer Help” below.

The guidance within this FAQ also applies to the iPlayer Kids app.

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