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Troubleshooting problems for downloads on a mobile or tablet

Having problems downloading on the BBC iPlayer app? Here are some things to try:

  • Try downloading the programme again

Delete the programme from your download queue and download the programme again.

  • Check that your phone or tablet software is up to date

You can check for software updates on an:

  • Amazon Fire tablet by swiping from the top of the screen, opening Quick Settings and selecting More > Device > About
  • Android by going to Settings > About Device > System Updates > Check for Update
  • iPhone or iPad by going to Settings > General > Software Update
  • Reinstall the BBC iPlayer app

Delete the app first and reinstall from your app store (Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or Amazon Appstore). This will help if any downloaded data becomes corrupt, but please be aware that deleting the app will also remove any programmes you have successfully downloaded. Once the app is reinstalled, try downloading the programme again.

Factors that may cause a download to fail

  • Your internet connection failing when a programme is downloading

When this happens your download should pause and continue once an internet connection has been re-established, but if the download won’t progress try deleting the programme from your queue and download again.

Your connection to the internet may fail either from your actual internet connection (your router to the internet) or your Wi-Fi signal could be weak and drop out by being too far from the Wi-Fi router. And remember that you can only download over a Wi-Fi network, not a 3G/4G network.

  • A very slow internet connection

If your connection is too slow and it’s taking a very long time to download, it’s possible that the download could fail. Try again when your connection speed improves.

  • Corrupt app/app crashing

If the app is crashing or if you believe the issue is not related to your internet connection, reinstall the app as per the instructions above.

  • Outside the UK

Streaming and downloading programmes is only possible within the UK. You won't be able to download programmes if you're outside of the UK.

Having problems playing a download? Here are some things to try: 

  • Close the app and reopen it
  • Try disconnecting your mobile or tablet from WiFi or mobile data, or switching it on to Airplane Mode
  • If you're in the UK and able to access the internet, try deleting the programme and re-downloading it
  • Outside the UK? You won't be able to delete and re-download the programme, so try connecting to any available WiFi, re-opening the BBC iPlayer app, and then disconnecting from the WiFi again.

Known Issues

A very small number of Android devices are currently experiencing serious bugs with video downloads so we have been forced to disable this feature on these affected devices. Find out if your device is affected on our Why can't I download programmes on my Android or Amazon Fire phone/tablet? FAQ.

We're aware of some reports of downloads failing to complete in full on some Amazon Fire, Android, and iOS devices. For more information on these issues and steps to try, please see the following FAQ: Why are downloads failing on my mobile or tablet?

Should I get in touch?

We try our best to post updates about known issues with downloading on our Help Site, but if you have persistent problems please get in touch by clicking the Contact iPlayer Help button below. Send us over as much information as possible including the programme you’re trying to download, the device model and operating system version.

The guidance within this FAQ also applies to the iPlayer Kids app.

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