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iPlayer Help Latest News & Issues Why is BBC iPlayer failing to load on my connected TV?

Why is BBC iPlayer failing to load on my connected TV?

We’re now investigating reports of BBC iPlayer not loading on connected TV devices with our service partners.

Thank you if you’ve been in touch sharing system details. We’ll keep this FAQ updated, but if you would like to be notified when an update is available, sign up below using your email address.

In the meantime, we'd recommend working through the steps in our Troubleshooting problems on Connected TVs and Games Consoles page first to see if these help resolve your issue.

If that doesn’t help, check to see if you have another device (possibly even already connected to your TV) that supports BBC iPlayer as an interim measure. And if you have a Chromecast dongle device, remember that you can cast programmes from the BBC iPlayer app.

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