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BBC iPlayer on Virgin TiVo

Virgin TiVo offers 30 day programme availability and a more visually rich BBC iPlayer experience, which is easier to browse.

Removal of Radio 

As with all versions of BBC iPlayer on connected TVs, radio programmes are no longer available, although the Radio 1 video channel is available. You can find out more about Radio 1 on BBC iPlayer in our How do I watch Radio 1 videos? FAQ. 

Live BBC Radio will continue to remain available through your TiVo’s TV Guide, and on-demand radio is available via the BBC Sounds app on tablets and mobiles and the BBC Sounds website at www.bbc.co.uk/sounds.

Radio programmes can also be recorded on your Virgin TiVo box. Using the series link option you can automatically record radio programmes and even select how many current episodes to keep. For example, you can always have the last five episodes of The Archers recorded. More information on using Series Link can be found on the Virgin Support website

Good to know tip 

When using BBC iPlayer on Virgin TiVo, if the BBC iPlayer menu is displayed when playing a programme and it won’t disappear, press the STOP button on the remote control and play again. We’re working to fix this bug. 

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