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What is the My Programmes section?

My Programmes is where you can find the programmes you’re currently watching and the programmes you’ve saved to your Added list. You can find My Programmes on the BBC iPlayer website or the BBC iPlayer app for mobiles and tablets. You need to be signed in to a BBC account to use My Programmes.

The BBC iPlayer app for TVs and connected devices doesn’t have a My Programmes section, but you’ll still be able to find your Continue Watching and Added lists on the homepage.

Continue Watching

Started a programme but don’t have time to finish it just yet? You’ll find any episode you're part way through along with the next episode in the series (for as long as they’re available) in the Continue Watching section. So it’s a quick way to pick up where you left off!


Programmes that you’ve added to watch later are listed here; we’ll display the episode you’ve added as well as future episodes (of the same series) when they become available. Head to the How do I add programmes to My Programmes? page to find out more about adding programmes.


Your Continue Watching and Added lists will update across all devices that use the same BBC account. This means that if you add a programme on one device, like your phone, it will appear in your Added list on your connected TV, for example. Or if you start watching something on your tablet, you can continue watching it on your computer.

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