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What's happened with BBC Three on BBC iPlayer?

BBC Three is now an online-only channel, with a new home on its own BBC Three website. BBC Three shows are still available on BBC iPlayer - we’ve just made a few tweaks to the BBC iPlayer website and apps to keep things running smoothly.

  • What's changed on the BBC iPlayer website and apps? 

As BBC Three isn't broadcast on TV according to a schedule any more, there’s no BBC Three info on the Schedule, TV Guide and TV pages on the website or the app, and we've removed the On Now stream for BBC Three.

Instead, you can find out about all BBC Three programmes on the BBC Three website and watch BBC Three shows whenever you like on BBC iPlayer and on the BBC Three section of the BBC iPlayer app. And you can also download BBC Three programmes on BBC iPlayer.

Find out more about the changes in this BBC Blog.

  • Can I watch BBC Three on my TV? 

All BBC Three shows are available on BBC iPlayer, so if you can get BBC iPlayer on your TV, you'll be able to watch all BBC Three shows on it. Here’s how to find out if BBC iPlayer is available on your TV. If your TV isn’t listed, you can still watch BBC Three shows on the BBC iPlayer website on your computer, or via the BBC iPlayer app on your phone or tablet.

Also, you’ll be able to watch many BBC Three programmes on your TV as they’ll also be broadcast on BBC One or BBC Two.

  • Where’s the BBC Three live stream? 

BBC Three has moved online-only, so there isn’t a live stream for it any more. But you can still watch BBC Three programmes whenever you like on BBC iPlayer. 

  • How long are BBC Three programmes available for? 

It varies. Many will be available for more than the usual 30 days. And some of the things BBC Three makes for YouTube and social media will stay up indefinitely.

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