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Why are BBC iPlayer feeds no longer available?

The system that supported the feeds was part of an old version of BBC iPlayer. We’ve now retired this system. 

Technology is always changing and people are using BBC iPlayer on an ever-growing range of devices. To make sure we’re offering the best, most consistent experience across all those devices, we’ve rebuilt BBC iPlayer from the ground up. This also means we can now develop and release new features quickly across all devices: computers, tablets, mobiles and TVs. 

Nitro – our new system for handling programme data

The Nitro API (Application Programming Interface) is a quick and easy way for us to access programme details for our entire catalogue. It’s what most versions of BBC iPlayer now use to access things like programme info and relevant images. Find out more info on the BBC Nitro website.

Nitro is part of our effort to make our various APIs more consistent and complete. This will mean they’ll be easier to learn and more useful for the websites and apps that use them, whether they’re developed by the BBC, our business partners, small independent development agencies or enthusiasts. 

The Nitro API isn’t a direct replacement for the BBC iPlayer feeds. But we do hope to be able to make our programme information available to any developer via Nitro in the next few months. Watch out for more information on the developer website

Read more about this in the “Introducing Platform API” blog by Jon Billings, Head of Platform API. 

Jon has also responded to feedback on his blog. Read the response here.

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