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Can I download programmes on my mobile or tablet?

You can download programmes on your mobile or tablet via the BBC iPlayer app, so if you can install the app on your device, you'll be able to download programmes. Find out if your device is compatible with the BBC iPlayer app by checking our Can I use BBC iPlayer on my mobile or tablet? FAQ.

Open the BBC iPlayer app and tap “Download” on the programme you want to download. The programme will be added to your Download Queue and will download automatically when you're connected to WiFi. 

It's not possible to download programmes from the BBC iPlayer website on a mobile or tablet.

Can I download programmes via 3G and 4G on my mobile?

No, you can only download via WiFi, although you can still add programmes to your download queue over a mobile network connection.

We are aware of interest in downloading programmes via 3G and 4G and we'll update this FAQ if anything changes.

Can I download programmes when I’m outside the UK?

No. But if you download programmes in the UK before you leave they should play when you’re overseas. Please note that if the app updates itself after you’ve downloaded programmes, you need to open the app before you leave the UK, otherwise downloads may not play overseas.

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