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Notice something different?

Making BBC iPlayer even better

From time to time you may notice small changes to the iPlayer website.

This is because we’re always trying to improve the site by trying out new things. So we often tweak things to make it easier to find the programmes and information you’re looking for.

Testing, testing…

Sometimes the only way to tell if a change will work is to test it with real people.

To do this, we randomly select one group of people who will see the change, while everyone else continues seeing the site as it is. We then look at what difference the change has made in terms of how many programmes people have watched, which links they clicked and so on.

If the test goes really well, we’ll make the change to the whole site. If not, we’ll stick with the existing version.

Always listening

We have a pop-up survey running continuously on the iPlayer website. It asks what people think of the service and how it could be improved. And we also regularly run other types of research like interviews and user tests.

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