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What is the Mobile iPlayer Android beta programme?

The Mobile iPlayer Android beta programme is your chance to try out new features in the mobile BBC iPlayer app prior to full release. It's also an opportunity to provide us with feedback to help us improve the iPlayer mobile app experience.

Please note, as these are early beta versions of the iPlayer app they may contain errors and may not function quite as well as the live application.

Who is eligible? 

Currently, the beta programme is open to anyone in the UK with a Google Account and an Android device on the Jellybean Operating System (Android 4.1) or above. We've also rolled out our beta programme to iOS devices. Find out more about the iOS beta programme on our What is the Mobile iPlayer iOS beta programme? FAQ.

Sounds great! How can I get involved? 

To join the programme, just click the link below and enter your Google account details (email and username) in order to be automatically enrolled in the beta programme. Once you've been enrolled you can download the beta app from the Google Play Store, just like you would the regular live BBC iPlayer application:


What devices are supported? 

The beta programme is open to any Android device on the Jellybean Operating System (Android 4.1.x) or above.  However as this is a beta programme some features may not be supported by certain devices at this stage, and some features may not have been fully completed. We are working on adding new features all the time though, so make sure you install beta updates when they become available!

Can I use multiple devices? 

Absolutely! Once you are enrolled in the programme, your Google Account will be associated with our beta programme - so all you have to do is go to the Google Play Store on any of your devices, and you will be offered the option to download the iPlayer beta version of the app. There is no restriction to the number of devices you can use the beta app with - the more the merrier!

Will it void my device warranty? 

Absolutely not! As our beta app is distributed through the Google Play Store, it works just like any regular app – no changes to your device are required.

How do I send you feedback? 

This preview build includes a 'Feedback' option directly in the main menu - if you tap on this you can send an email directly to the iPlayer team with your feedback. Please note, these emails automatically include some standard information about your device (Device, Operating System and App Version) - in order for us to process feedback as quickly as possible, it's important that this information isn't deleted!

Mobile Beta

What can I do to be an effective Beta Tester? 

In order to be an effective beta tester, all you need to do is use the app as you would the regular version and let us know what you think! We want to hear about your experiences using the app like you would normally, and at the moment we are particularly interested in any problems or issues that arise from playing live content. Live content is accessed from the TV Guide or channels page 'On Now' panels in the app.

Please note, the feedback button is for reporting issues, problems or comments on the beta apps only.

What if I have a problem? 

If you have an issue whilst using the application, please use the feedback option in the main menu to contact us directly. This will send an email direct to the iPlayer team, and we'll endeavour to get back to you as quickly as possible.

How quickly should I expect a response? 

We try to respond to all feedback as quickly as possible, but due to the nature of the beta programme this may take a little bit of time - please be patient with us! We take all feedback received very seriously, and the information you provide will be distributed internally to the team to continue to improve the iPlayer mobile experience.

Can I use both app versions at once? 

Unfortunately not - the beta version of the app will update over the top of your live app, but all your data should still be available in this version. However, it's worth noting that if you use a feature in the beta app and then leave the programme, any data stored against the beta version may not be available in the live build when you reinstall.

How can I opt-out? 

To opt out, please visit the following URL on your Android Device and select the 'Opt Out' option:


This will remove your Google account from the iPlayer beta programme, and any further downloads of the iPlayer app from the Google Play Store will revert to the original live version. You'll need to uninstall the beta app and reinstall the production app to be fully removed from the programme. It's worth noting that it may take several hours for your account settings to be updated once you opt out.

Current Release 

The latest iPlayer beta app version includes the following new features:

  • Integrated media player for Video on demand live content - offering playback in-app without using BBC Media Player (NB you will still need the Media Player app installed alongside the Beta iPlayer for now, for playing out selected archive content).

Known Issues 

We are aware of the following issues with the iPlayer beta version which we're working hard to fix in future releases. We'll update this list as and when anything new arises, or anything raised is fixed:

Device and Operating System     Issue Resolution Status
Assorted Devices Dropping frames in first few minutes of playback. Investigation ongoing
Assorted Devices Problems with playback if device time is accurate Investigation ongoing - ensuring your device time is accurate should resolve playback problems in this instance.

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