Your own personal space in iPlayer

What is My Programmes?

It’s a new section in iPlayer where you can easily keep track of programmes you watch and enjoy.

Inside you’ll find areas for programmes you’re “Watching” and ones you’ve “Added” to enjoy later.

What’s the Watching section for in My Programmes?

It’s a quick, simple way to resume watching programmes you haven’t finished.
Sign in to the BBC before watching programmes and your Watching list will show any episodes you haven’t finished, along with the next episode in the series, for as long as they’re available. So you can easily pause an episode and later pick up where you left off.
What’s more, you can also access your Watching list on your phone or tablet, simply by signing in.

What’s the Added section for?

It’s a place to put programmes so you can come back and enjoy them later.
When you’re short on time, you can hit “Add” on a programme and we’ll pop it in the Added section, so you can come back and watch it when you’re ready. Whatever you add will also be available on your phone or tablet. Just sign in and head to the Added section.
If you used to use Favourites, they’ll also appear in Added when you sign in.