A BBC iPlayer for everyone

Accessible programmes in iPlayer

We want iPlayer to be accessible to as many people as possible, whatever their needs, however they’re watching.
That’s why we offer accessible versions of many programmes, including Audio Described (AD), Sign Language (SL) and Subtitle (S) options.
A BBC iPlayer for everyone

How to find accessible versions of programmes

Audio Described and Sign Language versions

You’ll find full lists of Audio Described and Sign Language programmes via the Categories menu.
If you’re on the website version of iPlayer, you can search for a programme and choose the version you want (if it’s available) from the playback page.
If you’re using the website version of iPlayer, we’ll also show you a message telling you when you’re on an accessible version of a programme.

How to turn on Subtitles

Subtitles should be available on any programme you watch on demand. To turn them on, simply hit the “S” button once the programme has started playing.

Why can’t I find the version I want?

Accessible versions of programmes (with Audio Description and Sign Language) often appear on iPlayer after the non-accessible versions. This is because they’re generally shown on TV after the non-accessible version.
This means accessible versions are often still available after the non-accessible version has expired.
To find out more, visit our accessibility help pages.