Comedy Shorts - Wonderdate

Contains some strong language.

Comedy short from Tim Key. A man dazzles a girl on the perfect first date but why won't she text back? He retraces his steps, reexamining the date.

Filmic offshoot of Tim Key's stage show Megadate. This is a tale of a boy dazzling a girl with the perfect first date and then having his dreams hosed down by reality as he retraces his steps. His quest is to find a missing hat, but the bigger problem is her radio silence. In spite of myriad texts from him, nothing is coming the other way. His path is riddled with cynics and naysayers, questioning his optimistic outlook on how the date went. The nerd in the bowling alley who thought he had embarrassed himself, the old eel catcher on the mud flats trying to douse his dreams with wisdom. The compassionate waitress at the chicken shop, kind but frustratingly realistic. As always in life, all paths lead to the fairground. Now in the daytime and bleaker than ever. But our man will never give up. He will not be beaten. And the day's not done.

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