Reporting Trump's First Year: The Fourth Estate - Series 1: 1. The First 100 Days

Contains some strong language.

Following Trump's presidency from the offices of the New York Times. This episode follows the rollercoaster of the first three months of Trump's presidency.

Series venturing behind the scenes of the New York Times, with the broadcast of Emmy-winning film-maker Liz Garbus's series Inside the New York Times: The Fourth Estate, following the inner workings of one of the most prolific American media outlets during the first 12 months of Donald Trump's presidency. As Donald J Trump takes the oath of office, the New York Times's New York and Washington bureaus prepare to cover an administration unlike any other. The role that Russia played in the 2016 election quickly emerges as a storyline that will continue to unfold, consuming a troop of investigative journalists for the year to come. In this fiercely competitive environment, the Times and the Washington Post vie for scoops, while overtaxed journalists work to develop sources inside a volatile administration. Tension boils over when the president calls the media 'the enemy of the people'. Remarkably, FBI director James Comey announces an active federal investigation into ties between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 election. Meanwhile, the paper faces economic challenges as they continue to adapt to a digital world. In a time when the news never stops, reporters scramble to break the stories vital to the future of democracy before the pace and the scrutiny break them.

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