Christina and Mark continue their adventure in the West Midlands. Mark buys a spooky 'Green Man' stone mask, while Christina finds a colourful dragon and an unusual bijou des res.

We are in the West Midlands with Christina and Mark as our pair of antiquers continue with their love for the downright unusual.

Mark buys a spooky 'Green Man' stone mask, and there are a couple of Road Trip firsts from Christina - the purchase of a large, colourful dragon and a very unusual bijou des res. The bidders of the Heaton Mersey auction house are in for a real treat.

A 'Landie' fan through and through, Christina visits the global phenomenon that is Land Rover, and Mark gets a bird on his arm in Chester.

We are on the edge of our seats as we race to the final auction in Botlon in Greater Manchester - only £20 separates our Road Trippers!

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