Preschool mixed-media music show. Melody listens to In the Hall of the Mountain King, composed by Grieg, and imagines a story about trolls and stolen treasure.

Melody and Mum are making a crown. Melody wants the crown now, but it's not dry yet. She tries to tiptoe past Mum to get to the crown drying in the garden. Mum hears her and says she will have to tiptoe more quietly. Melody tiptoes round the garden while she is waiting for the crown to dry. She asks Mum for some tiptoeing music. Mum chooses In the Hall of the Mountain King, composed by Grieg.

Melody imagines trolls that have stolen treasure - including the king's crown - but Melody and Fudge tiptoe past the sleeping trolls and manage to get the king's crown back. Everyone is very happy. Afterwards, Melody and Fudge tiptoe off to find more treasure and find that the crown is ready to wear.

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