Sgeulachd Edward Pritchard - The Human Crocodile

The bizarre tale of Edward Pritchard, who was hanged in 1865 for two murders and is thought to have committed at least one more.

On the 28th July 1865, nearly ten thousand people gathered in what was then known as 'Jail Square' in Glasgow, to witness the last public execution in Britain. The convict was a murderer - and a doctor - found guilty of administering poison with deliberate intent to kill.

The ghoulish tale of Dr Edward Pritchard completes the strand documenting Glasgow's notorious 'square mile murderers' of the late 19th century. Physicians who kill are not unheard of. From the reviled Victorian Dr Crippen, to one of the most prolific serial killers in recorded history, Dr Harold Shipman.

Knowledge of the human body and the trust of patients lend themselves to a specific brand of murderer. However, Edward Pritchard's killings were literally much closer to home. With expert commentary and drama reconstruction, Pritchard's bizarre activities come under the spotlight. Presented by John Morrison, from the scenes of the doctor's crimes in the city centre.

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