Stepping Up - 1. The Cloudwatch Club

Drama series following kids as they move to secondary school. Alfie and Dylan are best friends, but they join two very different groups at their new school.

Drama series following children as they move from primary to secondary school. Alfie and Dylan have been best friends since primary school - they're the Cloudwatch Club, watching cloud formations from Dylan's cubby-house roof.

But when Dylan calls for Alfie on the way to their first day at school, Alfie's astonished to find that Dylan's had a makeover - cool shades, funky hair and a funny way of doing his tie. Dylan thinks they should hang out with the cool kids and befriends the Wallees, led by tough kid Aidan. Alfie is not interested and finds kindred spirits Ka Kin, Freya and James in the library.

Things don't quite work out with the Bookbods, however, so Alfie decides to hang out with Dylan and the Wallees instead. But, however much hair gel he uses, Alfie never looks cool. Dylan's embarrassed when Alfie brings up the Cloudwatch Club, and Alfie's attempt at a tough 'attitude' earns him a detention. Deciding that being a Wallee isn't for him, Alfie convinces Dylan to join the Bookbods. But Dylan doesn't fit in at the library and pretty soon the Wallees and the Bookbods are at loggerheads.

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