1. BBC Two


      1/10 LA, 1983. A storm is coming and its name is cocaine

      New Series

      A young, South Central street entrepreneur takes a leap into the cocaine game.

      55 Mins

      Available for 2 months

    2. BBC One

      Our Girl

      1/4 Army medic Georgie faces new challenges and new places

      New Series

      Medic unit 2 Section is sent on a humanitarian mission to Nepal after a dire earthquake.

      58 Mins

      Available for 1 month

    1. BBC One


      1/6 Murder told in reverse... Start the story at the end

      Full Series

      The prime suspect is caught - but has DCI Markham got the gruesome serial killer?

      57 Mins

      Available for 26 days

    2. BBC Three


      Full series. Imo's vlog of her health kick takes a dark turn

      Full Series

      Imo used to be sparky, but her new friend Anna is casting a dark shadow over her life.

      9 Mins

      Available for 11 months

    1. BBC One

      The Last Post

      1/6 Love, war, politics, empire - 1960s-set military drama

      New Series

      The twists, turns, trials and tribulations of life at an overseas British military camp.

      59 Mins

      Available for 11 days

    2. BBC Four


      1/2 The story of Martin Luther, a man who changed the world

      New Series

      How the revolutionary priest changed Christendom and the path of European civilisation.

      90 Mins

      Available for 27 days

    1. BBC


      Two very different people are thrown together in a rainstorm

      Reggie Yates’ short film asks who really needs help. With Tosin Cole and Jessica Hynes.

      17 Mins

      Available for 5 months

    2. BBC Two

      Leave to Remain

      An Afghan teenager faces a life or death decision

      While having his refugee status decided, a new arrival threatens to change everything.

      85 Mins

      Available for 25 days

    1. BBC One

      Reasonable Doubt

      Thriller. Innocence, inequality, and privilege collide...

      A cut-throat lawyer commits a crime but an innocent man is framed. Stars Dominic Cooper

      85 Mins

      Available for 24 days

    2. BBC One

      Doctor Foster

      Full Series. She's back, but after two years, so is her ex

      Full Series

      Having rebuilt her life after Simon's betrayal, Gemma's world is rocked once more.

      58 Mins

      Available for 13 days

    1. BBC Three

      Murdered for Being Different

      A shocking story of prejudice

      Factual drama about a young couple, targeted simply because they were dressed as Goths.

      62 Mins

      Available for 1 month

    2. BBC One

      The Child in Time

      Facing the unimaginable - losing a child in broad daylight

      Every parent's worst nightmare tears a couple apart. Stars Benedict Cumberbatch.

      89 Mins

      Available until Tue 10:30pm

    1. BBC One

      River City


      Lenny must swallow his pride to get an unlikely ally on side.

      60 Mins

      Available for 27 days

    2. BBC One


      Series 3 (full length): Episode 1

      DCI Tom Mathias and DI Mared Rhys investigate the death of a troubled local minister.

      90 Mins

      Available for 10 days