1. BBC Four

      Salamander: Blood Diamonds

      1/10 Gerardi is back

      Five years on, Paul Gerardi investigates the assassination of a refugee.

      45 Mins

      Available for 17 days

    2. BBC One

      The Woman in White

      1/5 Suspense, danger and love combine as secrets will out

      A chilling ride into the depths of insanity in the classic mind-bending thriller.

      56 Mins

      Available for 25 days

    1. BBC One

      Troy: Fall of a City

      Box Set. An epic story of love, war and betrayal

      Following a fateful encounter with the gods, the life of a young herdsman changes forever.

      60 Mins

      Available for 11 days

    2. BBC Four

      The Bridge: Series 1-3

      Box Set. Scandi noir at its most stylish

      Two nations, and two very different personalities, come together to crack a brutal case.

      60 Mins

      Available for 1 month

    1. BBC Three

      High Life

      Genevieve seems to have teenage life sorted – until...

      When she experiences her first manic episode, her mental state starts to spiral.

      57 Mins

      Available for 5 months

    2. BBC Two

      The City And The City

      Box Set. A mind-bending tale of two cities and two realities

      A girls’ body is found on the border between two cities with a division like no other.

      58 Mins

      Available for 30 days

    1. BBC One

      The Split

      1/6 For three sisters, business is about to get personal

      For a family of divorce lawyers, their own past is about to resurface.

      59 Mins

      Available for 2 months

    2. BBC One

      800 Words

      1/8 A new life in New Zealand - what could go wrong?

      After the death of his wife, grief-stricken George and family up sticks for a new start.

      45 Mins

      Available for 12 days

    1. BBC

      Logan High

      Box Set. Love, lies and lessons – the dramas of school life

      The friendship fall-outs, family issues and general randomness of life at Logan High.

      10 Mins

      Available for over a year

    2. BBC Two

      Testament of Youth

      Alicia Vikander and Kit Harington star in a WWI drama

      Vera Brittain falls in love with a friend, but the outbreak of war changes everything.

      121 Mins

      Available for 25 days

    1. BBC Two

      The Assassination of Gianni Versace

      9/9 Alone

      Andrew Cunanan's attempts to flee Miami following the Versace shooting fail.

      55 Mins

      Available for 28 days

    2. BBC Two

      The Silent Child

      The Oscar-winning story of a girl finding her voice

      Going to school is a big step for anyone – but for Libby, there’s an added complication.

      20 Mins

      Available for 1 month

    1. BBC One

      Holby City

      The Way We Were. Dominic's romantic bliss is shattered

      An old flame shows up on Frieda's doorstep. What will she risk for the love of her life?

      58 Mins

      Available for 28 days

    2. BBC Three


      Box Set. Danny strives for glory in the pool

      A talented 16-year-old swimmer faces snobbery and setbacks as he fights for gold.

      53 Mins

      Available for 25 days