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24 September 2014
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   Inside Out - Yorkshire & Lincolnshire: Monday 10th February, 2003


Peter Sutcliffe
JAILED | Peter Sutcliffe was convicted of murdering 13 women

A taxi-driver who may have been the Yorkshire Ripper's first victim talks exclusively to Inside Out.

He believes Peter Sutcliffe wrecked his life.

John Tomey suffered serious head injuries 36 years ago after being attacked on the moors near Bingley by a man with a ball pein hammer. This is the same kind of weapon used by Peter Sutcliffe during his attacks on women a decade later.

This horrific assault happened nearly ten years earlier than the murders and violent attacks on women of which Sutcliffe was convicted.


John Tomey
John Tomey suffered brain damage from the attack

John, who is now 62 years old, tells how he picked up a passenger fitting Peter Sutcliffe's description in March 1967.

His passenger attacked him with a hammer on a lonely moorland road outside Oxenhope. He says;

"It felt as if my brain was exploding from the inside. He ruined my life. I'm sure it was him."

John’s managed to lock his attacker outside of his car and escape. But not before his attacker smashed up his car with the hammer.

John later picked out Sutcliffe from a collection of police mugshots, but no action has ever been taken against the Ripper in connection with the case.


Peter Sutcliffe facts

Peter Sutcliffe was arrested on 3 January 1981.

He was later convicted of murdering 13 women between 1975 and 1980.

Many of his victims were prostitutes who he attacked with a hammer.

Sutcliffe was jailed for life at the Old Bailey, with the judge recommending a minimum sentence of thirty years.

In 1997, Peter Sutcliffe was stabbed whilst in Broadmoor hospital.

John is not the only male attack victim who has been linked to Peter Sutcliffe.

Bingley bookmaker, Fred Craven was found dead at his office in the town centre in April, 1966. He had been battered over the head with a blunt weapon.

The killer, who is thought to have had local knowledge, murdered his victim and escaped with £200.

Fred and his daughter lived only 100 yards from Peter Sutcliffe. They were neighbours. Peter Sutcliffe knew Fred was a bookie and where he worked.

A young suspect was seen nearby wearing a distinctive cap. It has now been established that the teenage Peter Sutcliffe had a similar cap. It was the style made fashionable by 1960s folk singer Donovan.

Fred Craven’s murder remains unsolved.


Fred Craven
Fred Craven was murdered in 1966

Michael Bilton is the author of Wicked Beyond Belief, a new book about the Ripper cases.

He says, "I believe Sutcliffe has lied and lied again about his involvement in other cases."

Michael says evidence about Sutcliffe's involvement in earlier violent crime against male victims destroys his defence at his trial that he followed a voice from God telling him only to attack women. Michael says;

"I believe Sutcliffe shouldn't be in Broadmoor, where he has a comparatively comfortable time, but in a maximum security prison where he should stay for the rest of his life."

Whether or not Peter Sutcliffe is ever transferred to a prison, John Tomey’s terrifying memories of the attack will never die.

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