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24 September 2014
Inside Out: Surprising Stories, Familiar Places

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   Inside Out - Yorkshire & Lincolnshire: Monday 3rd February, 2003


Reconstruction showing the discovery of a miner's body in a Yorkshire coal yard
MYSTERY | a reconstruction depicts the discovery of a Yorkshire miner's body

A mysterious disappearance, a body with strange burns and an inexplicable substance that baffled scientists.

Inside Out investigates the presence of paranormal activity in the death of a Yorkshire miner.

Zigmund Adamski, a 56 year old miner, went missing from his home in Tingley, near Wakefield in June 1980. He had gone out to do some shopping.

To Zigmund’s colleagues at Lofthouse Colliery, it was a complete mystery.

Grim discovery

Zigmund Adamski
Zigmund Adamski's body was discoverd in a coal yard

Five days after he disappeared, Zigmund’s body was discovered 20 miles from his home at a coal yard in Todmorden.

Zigmund’s body was lying on top of a pile of coal. He was wearing a suit but his shirt, watch and wallet were missing.

On the back of his head, neck and shoulders were mysterious burns which attracted lots of attention.


James Turnbull, the coroner who dealt with Zigmund’s death, says it’s the biggest mystery of his career.

The coroner was baffled because although Zigmund had been missing for five days, he only had one day’s growth of beard.

He says, "The question of where he was before he died and what led to his death just could not be answered."

James also said a strange ointment that appeared to have been used on Zigmund’s burns could not be identified by forensic scientists.

Exhaustive checks failed to reveal any record of Zigmund having been treated at any hospital during his missing five days.

It was at this point that questions began occurring, regarding the origin of this inexplicable ointment and who applied it to Zigmund.

Alien abduction

UFO Sightings

Famous sightings include:

- Roswell, USA in 1947.

- Rendlesham, UK in December 1980.

- Brussels, Belgium in March 1990.

- Minsk, USSR in September 1984.

None of these have ever been proved.

It was not just the usual investigators, the police and coroners, who were attracted to this case.

One of the most famous UFOlogists of all time, also called Adamski offered his own amazing theories on the tragedy.

He believed aliens from outer space abducted the Yorkshire miner by mistake.

The speculation of an extraterrestrial encounter was fuelled by the policeman who originally found Zigmund’s body, Alan Godfrey.

Six months after finding Zigmund’s body, Alan was again on duty in Todmorden at 5 am.

He claims he also encounter a UFO, which made headlines all over the world.

Alan says, "I wish I'd never seen the UFO, particularly because of the effects on my children."

"It's not easy having a policeman as a father but when he's a policeman who saw a UFO its even worse."

This was a huge turning point in Alan Godfrey’s life. He left the police force and has a new role as a speaker at charity fundraising events.


Alan Godfrey
Alan Godfrey is in no doubt of paranormal presence

In the past 20 years there has been many claimed sightings in the Pennine hills around Todmorden.

It’s regarded as the Britain’s UFO hotspot. But serious UFO watchers dismiss most of these Pennine sighting as just lights in the sky.

The corner is equally unconvinced about the presence of paranormal activity.

Although he still has a raft of unanswered questions regarding Zigmund’s death, James is opting for an earthly rather than alien explanation at present.

But he does say, "In fifty years time, if we discover aliens have been visiting us and we didn't know about it, then that might give an answer."

But after all these years, Alan Godfrey still has no doubts, leaving thoughts of the extra terrestrial in the minds of all those involved.


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