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28 October 2014
Inside Out: Surprising Stories, Familiar Places

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   Inside Out - Yorkshire and Lincolnshire: Archive

LipsSeries 11 (January-March 2007)

Climate Change Now
BBC weatherman Paul Hudson has issued a worrying forecast about the future of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire's weather.

Climate change
Inside Out investigates the impact of global warming across England, and asks if the situation is as dire as many scientists predict.

Nature and climate change
Inside Out investigates the impact of global warming on wildlife across England. Plus photo gallery

Colour bars?
We go undercover in the North of England's clubbing capital to look into claims that some nightclubs are excluding black and Asian people.

Horse riding dangers
Most children love horse riding, and there's no doubt that learning to ride can be a thrilling experience. Inside Out reveals disturbing evidence that thousands of us are underestimating the risks of learning to ride.

Flu clues?
The body of a famous 20th Century politician may hold the clue to preventing a global flu pandemic.

High Flight
High Flight by John Gillespie Magee Junior is one of the world's best-known poems. Now an Inside Out investigation may have solved the 65-year-old mystery surrounding the well-loved poem.

Driving on thin ice
Having to drive in bad weather is a nightmare for most motorists during the winter months. Inside Out took BBC Look North weatherman Paul Hudson for a spin with a driving lesson on ice.

Deed polls
More people than ever before are changing their name by deed poll. Inside Out finds out why people change their birth names and makes some worrying discoveries along the way.

Football ticket prices
As Yorkshire's football fans pay more for their seats, Morland Sanders reveals that it's actually cheaper to fly abroad to watch a game.

Lip reading and crime
For more than 10 years, Jessica Rees has been the country’s leading expert lipreader – but the accuracy of the evidence in three of her cases is under dispute.

Leeds clubs - colour bar?
Inside Out goes undercover in the North of England's clubbing capital to look into claims that some nightclubs are excluding black and Asian people.

Five thousand motorists and other road users are claiming £10 million in compensation for injuries and damage allegedly caused by potholed roads in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. Plus web only full survey.

Series 10 (September-November 2006)

Since the massive expansion of Europe two years ago, there's been a huge influx of workers from eastern Europe.

Migrant workers
Inside Out goes back to the beginning of the migrant trail to find out why some Poles claim that they're being exploited.

Potholers have discovered the UK's biggest cave beneath a hillside in the Derbyshire Peak District.

Karl Bushby
Karl Bushby is a former British paratrooper and adventurer - we follow his journey as he attempts to be the first person to completely walk an unbroken path around the world.

Rock photos, football bungs and super rats
Meet Sarah Photogirl is one of rock's top photographers - and visit her image gallery. Plus former Leeds United goalkeeper Gary Sprake blows the whistle on tapping-up in professional football. And meet a new breed of pest - the super-rat.

Last of the Summer Wine, air ambulance, and the Lottery
Inside Out meets Duane Olson from Geneseo, Illinois in the USA who is one of the programme's biggest fans. Plus Yorkshire's Air Ambulance. And Yorkshire's Lottery projects revisited.

Leeds regeneration, music venues and freegans
Leeds is changing fast but is it changing for the better? And is it missing the opportunity to create a truly great city? Plus Rick Wakeman takes a look at life on tour around small music venues. And freegans and recycling.

Skin cancer, ambulance services, and Harewood
Every year nearly 70,000 people are diagnosed with some form of skin cancer. BBC Look North presenter Christa Ackroyd tells Inside Out about her daughter's skin cancer scare. Plus the man choked to death in a restaurant after a 999 call. And the Harewood Hillclimb.

Series 9 (January-March 2006)

Bird of prey

Drugs, the missing birds of prey, and Matthew Flinders
A new policing initiative to tackle the problem of drugs in Bradford. Plus the disappearing birds of prey in the Peak District. And local hero, the man who named Australia, is celebrated.

Asda and Walmart, emergency services, and Yorkshire music
Asda is one of Yorkshire's very own supermarkets but what are the implications of it being owned by global retail giant Walmart? Plus worrying evidence which suggests emergency services are taking longer to reach their destinations. And could Yorkshire be the UK's capital of rock and roll?

Farming sisters, Yorkshire celebrities, and airline safety
An insight into the world of two sisters who farm high above Ladybower Reservoir. Plus how Yorkshire celebrities are flocking back to their native county. And airline safety.

Whitby's slave trade, murder case, and Yorkshire's cranes
An investigation of Whitby's links to the slave trade. Plus a murder mystery focusing on the case of a Polish immigrant. And Johnny Nelson takes to the skies in a crane to look at the chic urban developments rising up over Yorkshire's cities.

Landfill sites, bobsleigh champion, and religious movement
Meets Nicola Minicello – bobsleigh World Silver medallist and Britain’s fastest woman on ice. Plus an investigation of landfill sites in Sheffield. Plus the woman who got involved with an obscure religious movement.

Hedge wars, murder mystery, and fear of flying
Hedge wars in Lincolnshire, and the battle between neighbours. Plus an investigation into a notorious murder mystery. Plus fear of flying and how to conquer it.

Green Belt company, baby sign language, and tuna fishing
Investigating the company that promises to make you rich by buying up Yorkshire's Green Belt. Plus the new way to talk to your baby - through sign language. And could big game tuna fishing return to Scarborough?

Frank Meadow Sutcliffe, comedy writer, and unexploded bombs
Frank Meadow Sutcliffe is probably Whitby's most famous export. Plus comedy writer Debbie Barham wrote for some of the nation's top comedians, but was also fighting a battle against anorexia. And the risks posed by unexploded wartime bombs.

Tsunami aftermath, popular Polo, and traffic congestion
A special investigation into the aftermath of the Tsunami. Plus the new style of polo, now affordable to all. Plus growing traffic congestion problems in Leeds.

Series 8 (September-November 2005)

Gun crime, binge drinking, and Howard Marks
Inside Out follows the story of Pat Regan, a Leeds mother of six who's making it her life's mission to get guns off Britain's streets. Plus the binge drinking debate. And meet Howard Marks.

Scratch cards, referees, and hang gliding champion
Inside Out investigates the story behind the company's prize winning promises.

Pakistan Earthquake
We look at how Yorkshire and Lincolnshire is responding to the disaster of the South Asia earthquake.

Migrant workers, organic food, and football hero
Inside Out investigates the growing number of migrant workers in Lincolnshire. Plus the organic food debate. And we meet football hero Albert Johanneson's family at as they remember his triumphs and tragedies.

Train buffet, aviation history, and homes of the famous
Inside Out investigates why food from a train buffet could be bad for your health. Plus the homes of Yorkshires rich and famous. And aviation history brought to life in the skies of Yorkshire.

Dales dilemma, green homes, and ghost houses
An Inside Out property special. We look at the tale of two brothers and their fight to stay in the Dales where they belong. Plus green homes, and the problem of 'ghost houses'.

Internet scam, fireworks, and stormchasers
Inside Out goes on the trail of the conmen who robbed a Scarborough couple of a lifetime of holidays. Weatherman Paul Hudson meets Yorkshire's stormchasers. And we join the last survivors of Huddersfield's fireworks industry at a major international display.

The Who live in Leeds, and deadly snake trade
Inside Out investigates the trade in deadly snakes across Yorkshire, the commuters who've conquered traffic jams, and Rick Wakeman looks back at The Who's historic gig in Leeds. Plus an investigation of the snake trade.

Series 7 (Jan-March 2005)

Eddie Waring - the ups and unders
Eddie Waring - from rugby league commentator to referee for a menagerie of giant animals.
Weird weather
With climate change high on the world agenda, can the Yorkshire area expect more freak weather?
Supermarket landfills
Why are supermarkets throwing away four million tonnes of edible food every year?
Hotel not-so-Grand
Inside Out goes undercover to investigate a hotel which could be bad for your health.
Could boxer Johnny Nelson have been the first black heavyweight champion in a past life?
Buster's dramatic weight loss
How Bad Manners' frontman Buster Bloodvessel is literally half the man he used to be.
Asking for it?
Inside Out discovers how your body language could make you more likely to be attacked.
Pushing the limit
Some drivers are fighting back against the speed cameras - and not always within the law.
On thin ice
Karl Bushby has embarked upon a round the world trip of epic proportions - on foot.
It's not just the rich and famous who become victims of harassment. Inside Out meets members of the general public who became targets for stalkers.

Series 6 (Sept-Nov 2004)

Crafty car parking
If public transport campaigns don't discourage you to drive into Yorkshire's city centres, the lack of available car parking spaces, not to mention the cost, certainly will. But, as Inside Out discovers, some city workers are getting a free ride - at our expense.
Are you sitting comfortably?
When you go out and buy a new piece of furniture you automatically assume it will fulfil current safety criteria. But it seems that's not always the case for buyers in West Yorkshire, where Inside Out discovers furniture that is being sold with fake safety labels.
Headingley's headache
Headingley - it's the home of Yorkshire County Cricket Club, it boasts numerous pubs, clubs and restaurants, and oh yes, it has students - masses of them. Inside Out meets some of the locals who are so fed up with students as neighbours they are shifting out of the area altogether.
In today's world of worry and speculation over terrorism, you expect to undergo more thorough security checks when travelling. But Inside Out discovers some shocking security loopholes on the North Sea ferry route from Rotterdam to Hull.
Cyber crime
Dr Paul Grout was one of those men who often risked his life for those of his patients and strangers alike. But all that changed when, thanks to an invisible predator, he was arrested and charged with an offence that left him an outcast.
Exotic pets
Emma Milne heads undercover to reveal the illegal bird traders who are capturing wild parrots and packaging them off to unsuspecting buyers in the North.
If you are up early enough or if you're out on an evening jaunt in the Yorkshire Dales you may just get a glimpse of a hot-air balloon. And the chances are - it's David McCutcheon and friends. We take to the air with him.
War widow
Samantha's husband, Sergeant Steve Roberts, was the first British soldier to be killed in the conflict in Iraq. Samantha has now turned BBC reporter to reveal the plight of war widows like herself, fighting for justice.
The dangers of Britain's pit closure programme are exposed as we discover a possible time bomb posing a threat to locals.

Series 5 (Jan-Feb 2004)

The uncertain spy
The shadows of a spy are as visible as the mists of time, and there was no one more mysteriously linked with that dark art than His Excellency Sir Dr Alexander Cannon. We look at his story.
Would you know what to do if you were sitting at a road junction and a car thief hammered on the window shouting at you to get out? This is car-jacking.
Miscarriage of justice
In 1997, Derek Christian was found guilty and jailed for life for an horrific murder. We examine the evidence presented by those campaigning for his freedom.
Replica guns
The increase in gun crime in Yorkshire has led to calls for greater control of replica weapon sales. We look at the extent of the problem.
Airport security
We expose loopholes in airport security at Humberside International Airport, leading to a damning indictment from an aviation security expert.

Series 4 (Sept-Oct 2003)

Mobile phone scams
Have you ever received a text message congratulating you on cash prize win? If so, you’re not alone. We expose a telephone network which provides a platform for bogus companies to cash in on premium rate lines.
Old romantics
Sheffield was a pop phenomenon in the 80s! Inside Out looks back at the highs - and lows - experienced by some of Sheffield's stars.
Big cat sightings
Humberside Police are the first force in England to officially admit that they believe big cats are at loose in the countryside.
Young women drinkers
Doctors in Yorkshire say there's increasing evidence of liver disease amongst young women caused by drinking excess alcohol.
Formula 1 restoration
A famous Formula 1 car that crashed last year, killing its owner, has returned to the track - thanks to the determination of its driver's widow.
U-boats discovered
Divers have discovered the wartime graves of 58 German submariners on two wrecked submarines off the Yorkshire coast.

Series 3 (Jun-Jul 2003)

Naval disaster
It was the Royal Navy’s greatest disaster – fourteen hundred men died when one German U-boat sunk three British cruisers in an hour.
Everest adventurer
Could a mill worker’s son from Bradford have been the first person to climb Mount Everest? Maurice Wilson’s story is a fascinating one of eccentricism, faith and fetishes!
Child safety hazards
Children in the back of your car could be a significant safety hazard, an experiment conducted by experts at Leeds University has suggested.
Hull taxi troubles
Hull has just over 1000 taxis and private hire vehicles but legitimate, licenced drivers claim illegal ‘pirates’ driving unlicensed cars are muscling in on their territory.
Revolutionary gardener
The peaceful Yorkshire Dales are not the likeliest scene for a revolution. But we reveal that the Dales were the location of a gardening revolution which shaped the way we garden today.
Peak District cave discovery
World Champion boxer Johnny Nelson discovers cave networks deep below Derbyshire’s Peak District that have never been seen before by man.
Health fears over RAF radar
A senior US Air Force scientist has told the BBC he would not buy a house near Britain’s biggest radar base because he fears its radiation could pose a serious health risk.

Series 2 (Jan-Mar 2003)

Missing mum
Has a Yorkshire mother of three been murdered on the Continent? Wendy Whitehead disappeared 14 months ago. It’s almost as if she’s vanished off the face of the earth.
Hooligans on trains
Football hooligans are abusing Britain’s rail network by using it as the venue for violent match day fights. We look at how this is stretching police resources to the limit.
Early film-makers
It may come as a surprise, but Holmfirth was once England’s answer to Hollywood. We look at how this Yorkshire village has a special place in film-making history.
New Ripper claims
A taxi-driver who may have been the Yorkshire Ripper's first victim talks exclusively to Inside Out.He believes Peter Sutcliffe wrecked his life.
Alien abduction claims in Yorkshire
A mysterious disappearance, a body with strange burns and an inexplicable substance that baffled scientists. We investigate the presence of paranormal activity in the death of a Yorkshire miner.
Fresh claims over unsolved murder
A former top detective has named a Catholic priest as the prime suspect in an unsolved Bradford murder case. The case has baffled police for 50 years.
Kennedy - The Grimsby connection
The now infamous grassy knoll, where the second gunman was rumoured to be hiding, is now the gathering place for conspiracy theorists and speculators alike. Few mention the names Albert Osborne or John Bowen. But we managed to track down one.
Elderly drivers
Pensioners drivers are often criticised for allegedly having poor reactions, declining ability, and going too slowly. We look at the effects of age on driving ability - by sending one pensioner back to school!
Teenage boot camp - Part 1
We meet Susie El Madawi, the unruly Halifax teenager banished to a Mexican boot camp. This extreme action by her mother was a desperate attempt to stamp out Susie’s terrible behaviour.
Teenage boot camp - Part 2
After 15 months spent in Casa by the Sea, we find out if Susie's behaviour has improved.

Series 1 (Sept-Nov 2002)

Pirate radio
Now then, now then, now then... remember pirate radio and the swinging Sixties? Pirate radio is now a distant memory for many of us, but it struck a blow for pioneering DJs everywhere when stations first hit the airwaves.
Surrogate mothers
What drives the women who conceive children they know they'll give away? Inside Out gets to the heart of surrogate motherhood with the first hand experience of two mothers from West Yorkshire.
Amy Johnson
Amy Johnson’s daredevil flying exploits made her an icon of her age. But her glamorous life and career tragically ended in a mysterious plane crash in 1941. Sixty years on, we lay bare the elaborate rumours surrounding her death.
Jetlagged drivers
Every 20 seconds a plane touches down somewhere in the UK. Many of the millions of passengers have travelled for hours, crossed time zones and missed sleep. Often suffering from jetlag, many drive home from the airport.
The benefits of recycling household waste in Leeds are being outweighed by the fact that it is being shipped halfway around the world to be disposed. To the far flung shores of Jakarta, Indonesia to be precise.
The Ross Cleveland
It was Hull’s worst ever shipping disaster, 60 fishermen perished still sends a shiver down the spine. The Ross Cleveland sank in 1968 in rough seas off Iceland in the bitter winter.
Alien abduction
Britain’s most plausible alien abduction happened off the East Yorkshire coast in September 1970. Foxtrot 94, an RAF Lightening fighter jet crashed into the North Sea. UFOlogists claim its pilot was abducted by an alien spacecraft after he’d intercepted it.
No longer confined to professional sports arenas, steroids are just as likely to be found in your local gym. This dangerous cocktail of drugs are having a devastating effect on male fertility.
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