Frequently Asked Questions

About BBC Ideas

What is BBC Ideas?

BBC Ideas is a shortform factual video platform from the BBC. It brings together short factual videos from many sources, and organises the videos into playlists by topic.

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How is BBC Ideas funded?

BBC Ideas is funded by the BBC licence fee.

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How do I give feedback on BBC Ideas?

If you've got some thoughts to share on BBC Ideas, we'd love to hear from you. Probably the easiest way is to drop us a message on YouTube or Twitter. 

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How do I make a complaint about BBC Ideas?

If you have a complaint to make about BBC Ideas, please visit the BBC Complaints page and follow the instructions.

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Can I follow BBC Ideas on social media?

BBC Ideas has a YouTube channel and a Twitter account.

You'll also be able to find BBC Ideas films on the main BBC accounts at Facebook.


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How does BBC Ideas work?

How do playlists work?

All the videos on BBC Ideas are organised into playlists, which are simply collections of videos organised by topic or theme. We also have playlists for new videos, and for videos that have been recommended to you if you're signed into the BBC. If you play a video to the end, the next video in the relevant playlist will play automatically, and the next, and the next, until you reach the end of the playlist.

You can see an A-Z of all the BBC Ideas playlists by clicking on A-Z at the top of the page. Or just pick a video, and you'll see the playlists that video is part of listed beneath it.

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Should I sign in to BBC Ideas?

You don't have to sign in to BBC Ideas to view our films, but there are benefits to being signed in. You can save videos and playlists to watch later, under the Saved Ideas button at the top of the page.

Also, if you're signed in, we'll be able to recommend videos to you based on the videos you've watched or saved. These recommended videos will appear on the BBC Ideas homepage when you're signed in.

And of course there are other benefits, across the BBC, to being signed in.

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About BBC Ideas content

Where do BBC Ideas videos come from?

The videos on BBC Ideas come from various sources, including:

  • The BBC archive
  • New films produced by the BBC and independent producers
  • Our content partners (see below)
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Who are the content partners for BBC Ideas?

BBC Ideas includes videos made in collaboration with various partners, as well as from the BBC itself.

These partners are currently:

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How can I pitch an idea to BBC Ideas?

If you have an idea for a film you'd like to produce for BBC Ideas, please visit our page on the BBC Commissioning website.

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