The BBC Story

No other broadcaster in the world has had such a diverse, exciting and long history. The BBC celebrates its centenary in 2022, and these timelines map out the Corporation's life decade by decade.

Radio timelines

  • Radio 1 timelineLove-ins at Woburn and San Francisco, the devaluation of Sterling, the Monkees and the Maharishi, and the beginning of the 'exciting new sound of wonderful Radio 1’. Our timeline explores the highs and lows of the station that rocked the nation.
  • Radio 2 timelineHow Radio 2 became the station we hear today via soothing instrumental light music, middle of the road classics, and a weekly soap opera.
  • Radio 3 timelineFrom Weber, Bartok and Bach, to jazz, the avant-garde and world music, drama, prog rock and sport - Radio 3 has always been full of surprises.
  • Radio 4 timelineTo see the world differently, listen - how Radio 4 reinvented itself from the Home Service.