100 Voices that made the BBC – Radio Reinvented

On 30 September 1967 Radio 1 was launched. Pop arrived at the BBC. The Light Programme also changed into Radio 2, the old Third Programme became Radio 3, and the old Home Service emerged as Radio 4. So: was Radio suddenly being reinvented from top to bottom?

In this edition of 100 Voices that Made the BBC, the BBC Connected Histories project is marking fifty years since the start of Radio 1 by making available for the very first time archive interviews with those most closely involved in the events of 1967 – from DJs through programme-makers to senior managers and politicians – with the hope of shedding new light on the inside story of this tumultuous moment in broadcasting history and how it changed radio more widely.

About the material on 100 Voices that Made the BBC – Radio Reinvented

This ‘100 Voices’ website is one of a series made as part is of BBC Connected Histories – a project led by the University of Sussex in partnership with the BBC, Mass Observation, the Science Museum Group (including the National Science and Media Museum in Bradford), and the British Entertainment History Project. BBC Connected Histories is funded by a grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).

At the University of Sussex, BBC Connected Histories is supported by the Sussex Humanities Lab. Material is curated and written by Professor David Hendy and Dr Alban Webb, with additional material on timelines by John Escolme from the BBC, and on John Peel by Ken Garner of Glasgow Caledonian University.

The website contains excerpts and programmes from BBC services at various moments in time. The material should be viewed in this context and with the understanding that it reflects the attitudes and standards of its time – not those of today.

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