• Anniversaries

    The quick-fire general knowledge quiz The Weakest Link was launched on 14 August 2000. The producers hoped that viewers would accept a female presenter being rude to the contestants more readily than a man. Anne Robinson was the inspired choice - known for her forthright championing of consumer rights on Watchdog - and made such a success of her role as quiz mistress that she was soon dubbed 'The Queen of Mean'.

  • BBC Broadcasting Moments

    One of the world’s earliest transmitters has been preserved by the Science Museum, and is now on display in London. National Science and Media Museum Curator Elinor Groom takes a closer look at this piece of kit from the 1920s, which looks more like a piece of furniture than a means of transmitting radio programmes.

  • BBC History - Partnering

    Using the hook of some of our recent anniversaries, here are new and original poems, news reports and comedy shorts created by the writers, reporters and dramatists of the future, in partnership with BBC History.

  • BBC Sport website at 20

    Few sports fans in the UK go long without checking the BBC ‘s sports website. Charles Runcie, part of the launch team, says Happy Birthday to a service that scrambled to life in July 2000 but now has an audience of 20 million a week.

  • BBC Heritage Trail

    Find out more about the buildings and the interesting roles they’ve played in the BBC’s history. Our interactive map will help you plan your journey around the BBC Heritage Trail blue plaque scheme.

  • Emerging from the siege

    From the ruins of war, a unique German-British radio orchestra was formed, seventy-five years ago. Dr. Hans-Ulrich Wagner from the Leibniz-Institute for Media Research | Hans Bredow Institute, Hamburg, explores the significance of the collaboration.

  • Under siege: the BBC in a time of national emergency

    David Hendy, Professor of Media and Cultural History, University of Sussex, examines moments of crisis in UK history when the BBC came into its own.

  • BBC Buildings Collection: Building of the Week

    Caversham Park: Listening to the world, 1943 to 2018.

  • BBC Art Collection: Painting of the Week

    British artist Stephen B Whatley captures the iconic Radio Theatre in Broadcasting House, the largest performance space/studio in the building.

  • BBC Technology Collection: Object of the Week

    For sports commentaries where there was a noisy background, it was necessary to speak very closely into the microphone. In 1937 the BBC designed this microphone to overcome the problem.

  • BBC Props Collection: Prop of the Week

    This is the actual ornamental dog that Chrissie Watts used to kill off 'Dirty Den' in February 2005. It’s held securely in the BBC Heritage Collection so it cannot be used again!

  • History of LGBTQ+ and the BBC

    The UK’s LGBTQ+ community rarely got a mention on air in the early years of the BBC – hostility and prejudice was rife. Today LGBTQ+ lives are featured on BBC programmes like any other community, and to mark UK Pride Month 2020, BBC History traces how the broadcaster has understood its LGBTQ+ audience over the years.

  • History of BAME at the BBC

    In June 1948, Britain began the process of becoming multi-cultural and post-Imperial. How did the BBC respond?

  • History of Children at the BBC

    Since Children's Hour in 1922, children's programmes have always been at the heart of the BBC's public service remit.

  • History of Women at the BBC

    A fresh and surprising story about the changing status of women and their pioneering contribution to broadcasting.​