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15 October 2014
WW2 - People's War

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Elizabeth Lister
User ID: U1424881

Welcome to the CSV Actiondesk page for BBC Radio Berkshire.

Many thanks to everyone who has shared their memories with our volunteers either at our events, or by sending them into the Radio Station.

We will be making sure that all the memories are put onto the website by the end of December 2005. The website will not be accepting any more stories after this date.

If you or someone in your family would like to share a personal memory please contact the CSV Radio Berkshire Actiondesk by calling: 0845 9001044

For more information about the BBC Radio Berkshire Actiondesk click
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Stories contributed by Elizabeth Lister

Party on the Navy boat
Torpedoed twice in a row - Just our luck!
A Dairy Maid's Story
A Day In My Life
Our long summer Hoilday
To Britain with Cello
From Domestic to Intelligence Service
Fragments of War by Pam Cluderay
My V1 Bomb Injuries
Vera:The Evacuee
The Snob's Amazement at the Green Bakelite Torchicon for Recommended story
Seeing the Northern Lights Over East London
Scratches in the Sky: The Battle of Britain
Uncle Harry Sells Horse and Whale Meat
Sleeping in a Buick in Epping Forest
Big Silver Whales - Barrage Balloons
A Child in Hellfire Corner during the Coventry Bombing
That's A Jerry! A Child in the Bombing
Childhood Memories of Wartime by Millicent Turner
Halifax 1939
Messenger Boy
Apprentice Joiner
Dan Carson and his Ranchos
War time at Alfred Sutton School
Bombs at Patchway Primary
The Day Reading was Bombed
Reg Day’s War Story
The Bombing of the National School
The Day My School was Bombed
Neville's Younger Days
Living amongst Prisoners of War in Somerset
A Woman at War; from Reading to Brussells
Memories of a WAAF girl from Winnersh
Village Life of a Farmer's Daughter
Shelia's School Days in Reading
Memories from Kent and evacuation to Cumbria
When I was 7
Memories from the WAAF
Memories of the war in Poland
A schoolboy's view of World War Two
Peter Gosling's Channel Island War story
Margaret's Evacuation story - From London to Devon
New Zealander's in Worminghallicon for Recommended story
My Jewish Friends
At The Dairy - Winnersh During the Waricon for Recommended story
Bob Wyatt's Wartime Memories
A Hampshire Farmer Remembers
A selection of memories from London
Broadmoor in the war
Memories from the Military Police
When I was evacuated
When the People’s Pantry was Bombed
Wyre Forest evacuation, V1s, VE Day
Doug Bukin: A Child's War, Part One
Doug Bukin: A Child's War, Part Twoicon for Story with photo
Doug Bukin: A Child's War, Part Three
World Cruise Courtesy of Royal Navy 1942-1946
A nine year old's march for chocolate
Caterpillars and Screaming Sirens in Wokingham
A Croydon Air Raid
Iver the Exeter Evacuee
The stray bomb of Crowthorne
The day we accident.
A childhood memory from Swanage
My Daddy was a 'Special'.
Suspicious Packages and Morrison shelters
How our flooded shelters saved our lives
Left to my own devices!
My Evacuee Memories
From Morden to Mutinies
One way to get out of school.
Living and working in Hayes
“Yee didna ring the bell, laddie!”
A dark encounter in Northumberland
Ron's Desert Memories
Predicting planes in Merseyside and serving under Mary Churchill
A prize treat - Two oranges!
The Lucky Prins Albert
My Very Earliest Memory.
Recalling the daylight raid on Reading
Kathleen's story
Bombs over Bristol
Twickenham Grammer School
Exams in the shelter
Churchill on the radio
Russian Army Choir at the Proms
Doodle bug souvenirs
Childhood Memories
My Letter from a Polish friend
A couple of childhood memories
Direction Finding for damaged bombers
June the 20th 1940 The day that changed my life forever
The Japanese Surrender in Yokohama Bay
1943 A year to remember - Part 1
1943 A year to remember - Part 2
Sorties over the Mediterranean
Why you don't pick up shrapnel
Butter, marrying and volunteering
Last Convoy out of Malta
Joining up in Reading to Dunkirk and my weddingicon for Story with photo
Four years from Reading to North Africa and backicon for Story with photo
Memories from George and Barbara Gardiner of Reading in the war
Memories from Land Army Days 1939 — 1945
Christine Harding - My War in Marlow
An Ear to the Wind
Air Raid Warning
My Story as Royal Naval Nurse V.A.D.
Look before you Leapicon for Recommended story
My experience of War by Henry Grimsdale
My experience of War by Henry Grimsdale
Rosemary Stacey remembers the bomb dropping on Reading
On the Run
War! What's War?
The Twins move from the path of the bombers to the Cotswolds
An explosive party - VJ Day in Slough
Memories of School Days
Food and Household Supplies
VE Day Memory
C Company Home Guard
Air Raids
Air Raids
Memories of Marian Beck in Malaya 1941
Memories as a wireless operator
Just a reflection of WWII as a school boy.
Just a postcript from VE Day to VJ Day
Just a wartime story (as a child)
Mr Dunk's Wartime Directives
Brian Cooper's War Recollections
A Noisy Upbringing
Mr Suter's Wartime Recollections
The German Pilot went to Bedales School!
"WAR GUESTS" in Canada, 1940-1943
15th September 1940, the first daylight raid on London
Flying Bombs
A School Girls War
The War in a Small Country Town
Quiet Excitement - after Noisy Bristol!
Childhood Memories of Portsmouth and Hinton Ampner
Nowhere to go
What goes up must come down!
Dangerous curiosity... and luxury shelters
Evacuated Brothers
Connie Snow and Bletchley Park
The Captured Doodlebug
Prelude to the outbreak of war
The Invasion of Norway April 9th 1940
The Long Evacuation
A Teenagers War
A Marine in the Med - Egypt & HMS Aurora
Firewatching and Horsa Gliders - Newbury in the War
When Newbury was bombed
Stalag VIIIB - 1940-45
Stalag VIII A, Gorlitz, Lower Silesia
From Normandy to Korea and to Northern Ireland
From Normandy to Korea and to Northern Ireland
Wartime Childhood in Welling
Bombed out 3 Times
Bombs, Gliders and Dooodle bugs over Newbury
Training on Landing Craft in Scotland
Collecting Conkers under fire
A Near Thing
A Near Thing
Bombs in West Drayton
Bombs in Reading
RAF Time Keeper
Dispatcher in Belgium
Life in the Farm
Merchant Navy
Treats from the Americans
Bad News
My Overseas Posting
How we saw the blitz through
Childhood memories of the war time
Three lucky escapes and other memories
The ‘make-do and mend it yourself’ times
The day Reading was bombed
Making underwear from parachute silk
From Convent to Prefab via Halifax
Cadbury's Chocolate Soldiers! Memories of a Conscientious Objectoricon for Recommended story
Kazimierz Pakula's Story Part 1 1939-1940
Kazimierz Pakula's Story Part 2 1940-1944
Childhood Experience in Coventry
THE GRATEFUL EVACUEE - Thank you Mr Hitler!
A Difficult Evacuation
A Narrow Escape
Air raid messenger
1)Strange planes in fields. 2) Fraternising with the enemy
Fortunes and Fears
Bombing over Feltham
Many memories
Under Attack
48 Hours in, 48 Hours out
Life on Board
In the Fleet Air Arm
Childhood in the War
How I became a Bevin Boy
Lucky escape on a Farm
Bomb Watch
Italian prisoners-of-war and schooldays
Childhood, bombs and chocolate
Coventry bombing
Cooking for the RAF
ATS, training, work and camaraderieicon for Story with photo
A Yorkshire Girl's Reflections
Everything changed but you got through it
Kenneth Lewis: DFM on VE Day
Betty Lewis: My War
My war memories from Dewsbury
War Years
The First Air Raid Over British Soil
What My Mother Told Me
Through the Eyes of a Child Part 1
Through the Eyes of a Child Part 2
Through the Eyes of a Child Part 3
Through the Eyes of a Child Part 4
Through of Eyes of a Child Part 5
Through the Eyes of a Child Part 6
Happy Days
Sowing Aircraft Wings
Sweet Memories
Times for sharing and rationing
WAAF Arm Chair Spies
Christopher Froehlich's Story of his Father's time in the RAF
Delivery on the way to Dunkirk
Delivery on the Way to Dunkirk
Wartime in Simmons Brewery, Reading
To Africa and back through Italy with the Paras
Memories of the war
Working in the BBC Monitoring Service 1941 to 45
The moral problem of billeting
Run over but alive
A German Monitor for the BBC Monitoring Service
The German Surrender Announcement
Remembering the Auxillary Territorial Serviceicon for Story with photo
Are the planes playing?
Working at the Welbeck Telephone Exchange
A Sea Evacuee Story to Melbourneicon for Story with photo
Six years at war.
I survived
In at the deep end with BBC Monitoring
Return to England
You Had A Good War: Part 1
You Had A Good War: Part 2
You Had a Good War: Part 3
You Had A Good War: Part 4 - Inveraray
You Had A Good War: Part 5 - Sawbridgeworth - May 1943
You Had A Goood War: Part 6 - Voyagers
You Had A Good War: Part 7 - Lentini
You Had A Good War: Part 3 - Salerno I
You Had A Good Year: Part 4 - Salerno II
You Had A Good Year: Part 5 Salerno III
You Had A Good War: Part 1 - Background
You Had A Good War: Part 2 -Background cont
Andrews Boathouses
One Man's War
My personal Memories of the war
Childhood memories
In action on the flight deck of H.M.S. Formidable
Waiting for the all-clear
Survivors from Dunkirk
Nursing in London
Preparing for war
Growing up in West Reading in wartime
Growing up in Caversham in wartime.
My Time as a Prisoner of War: Part 1
My Time as a Prisoner of War: Part 2
My Time as a Prisoner of War: Part 3
My Time as a Prisoner of War: Part 4
My Time as a Prisoner of War: Part 5
Training as a nurse
Training as a nurse
serendipitous love
Naughty nurses
A reluctant evacuee
A close encounter
John Hodges Story-a Student's Exit From Paris 1940.
A New Zealander's Reminiscences of his Time in the Royal Navy
Incident at Trincomalee
A Tribute to Sgt. Navigator Pawel Kuflikicon for Story with photo
Anthony Lister-Tales of a POW at Oflag 7B, Eichstadt.
Life on the farm in the Berkshire Land Army
A Flying Ambassador From Fiji
Agnes Dimes' Story - With the WAAF at Innsworth Gloucestericon for Story with photo

Archive List
icon for Story with photoStory with photo

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