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15 October 2014
WW2 - People's War

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Welcome to the Three Counties Action page of the People's War.

Three Counties Action work in partnership with BBC Three Counties Radio to provide advice, help and support for the community through radio interviews and updates during the day.

The Action Desk looks at Health, volunteering and learning opportunities and is a part of the People's War project recording and saving the memories of people who lived and fought during the Second World War.

If you should need any help putting your story on to the website call 01582 44 11 11 and speak to Jenna Benson or John Ward.

For more information on the Action Desk you can go to and click on Three Counties Action.

Stories contributed by threecountiesaction

Be Careful What you Pray For.
Coping In the War: A boy Scouts Memory
“We enjoyed it … we were young”
“My Dad came back from Dunkirk”
The Return of the Tanks
Wartime recollections when I was a child
Working in the grocer's shop
Rocket Blast
A Happy Enemy
Billeted Soldiers
The war for a teacher in Manchester
A student at Oxford
Wartime reminiscences
Memories of Luton during the war
A five year old's war in Wirral
War Scouts and V2'S
Four lemons and a crab
Myths of the Irish view exploded
My life 1939-45
A lost father
Sharing an egg
Experience of Bombing
Growing up in Bridgnorth
Dancing on the Ammo.
Oh what a lovely war
Sirensuits, oranges and spam
A Baby in the Blitz
An Excuse to Miss School
A Market Shoot Up
Candles In The Dark
A Bale Out
Sheila - The Elder Sister
The Tank Suit
Take Cover
Difficult Times
Take Cover
The Start
Stoke Hammond War Memories
Lost Childhood
Never Mention Winston Churchill!
My one and only true love
Out of the frying pan into the fire
Bombs,books and badges
The Power Plant Attack
'Bearly' survived!icon for Story with photo
Loss of a childhood friend.
'Lord Haw Haw' was wrong!
Girl's school evacuated to Petersfield
"Sugar in your tea or home made cake!"
My Sunday School Teacher joins the RAF
Memories Of A Childhood In Luton
A Luton Family at War
Berkshire Childhood
Evacuation Cake
The Day The Landmine Dropped
How the War Changed The Outlook For Women
Just A Few Memories...
Front Line Eastbourne
Return of the Dunkirk soldiers at Ampthill
A Child’s eye view of Primrose Road, Southampton
A Messerschmitt plane crash on the Dunstable Downs
The Day the War Started
What's the french for 'Dung Flinging'?
Vasco and Marcello work on the land - an unbroken link today
Drawing Office Blues - a disappointment
D Day minus One
A happy story - back to normal for Norman
The bravest man...
Mrs Green in the Air Raid shelter
Blue Lamps Blackout
The Farmhouse Cellar
The Longest Night
Lost Property
A Solitary Walkicon for Recommended story
12 Weddings in Bari Italyicon for Story with photo
Bert Wesley
Women’s Auxiliary Corps (India)
Petrol Dump Attack
Camouflage Nets
Where did we play?
Railway Station Bomb
Green Pyjamas
“Trains never get bombed”
Olaf Chapman Part Sixicon for Story with photo
Olaf Chapman Part Fiveicon for Story with photo
Olaf Chapman Part Fouricon for Story with photo
Olaf Chapman Part Threeicon for Story with photo
Olaf Chapman Part Twoicon for Story with photo
Olaf Chapman Part Oneicon for Story with photo
The Ironing
My war by the sea
Bedford Childhood memories
Riding to school
Always take your gas mask
Local Crashes
Ice Cream
With the Indian 3rd Cavalry
With the Grenadier Guards
The crashed house
Trooper Edwin Goody
They came by night Part 2
They came by night. Part 1
The London Blitz
Memories from a pre-school child.
Memories of a shorthand typist.
A Civilian During the War Years
My Proudest Day
Don't forget - There is a War on!
Big Girls Don’t Cry
Volunteers for India
The Shelter
Wembley Hill School
Ronald Earnshaw - My War Memories, Early Life
A Rocket From The Sky
My Childhood During 1939-1945 From 7-12 Years Old
My Early Teenage Years During The Second World War
Gladys Hayhurst - Wartime Memories
William Hayhurst - Wartime Memories
Olive Herrick - War Years
"Offal" and Shopping
This is My Story of the War Years
Nursing Experience
London Blitz, 39 to 45
Too Young To Remember
Charles P Jackson - Memories
What a Birthday Present
Memories of a War That Should Never Have Been
My War, through the eyes of an eight year old
At Grandma's...
How I Escaped the Rationing
My Early Life
The Second Day of War
School Days
One of my experiences of WWII (1939-1945)
Memories of the years 1939-1945
We will fight them in the hills: 1939-1945
Jean McMenamin - A World War II Memory
The Two Soldiers
"Under The Table Kids"
Weetabix and Butter
The sinking of H.M.S. Pylades
Kathleen Peacock My War 1939 to 1946
A Lucky Regular
Queue for 2 Oranges
I escaped being a Tenko kid by 2 weeks
A Boys War in Liverpool
Roy’s War
Bombed Out
Childhood Memories
Near Misses
My Wonder Through the War Years 1940-1945
Is It One Of Ours - Part 2
Is It One Of Ours - Part 1
The Wounded Ones
Growing up during the war…
Promise of an Icecream
In Lincolnshire Skies
Dower House Stories
Charmed Life - Innocent Abroad
Incendiaries on St Mary Abbot's Church
The Way We Ate
My mother's decision
Growing Up Near The Rolls Royce Factory
Childhood Memories Of The War In Aylesbury
A little girl's fears
Invasion of Jersey - Bill's story
Saved by the Anderson Shelter
Life of an Islington boy in the waricon for Story with photo
Too Much Rabbit!
The roast potato at the end of my fork
The loo with a view
Walter Crouch - some memories of childhood
He thought we were hiding Hitler in our attic
Prisoner in the Salt Mines
Gumboots in the box at the Theatre
Running Home Through the Blitz
Wartime Work at Broadcasting House
Paris Liberation
The Doughnut Debate
Real American Friends
All Our Yesterdays
When The Balloon Went Up!
The Disappearing Lead
A nine year old's memory of evacuation
House of Mirrors and Fire Duties
Evacuated to Atworth Wilts at 9 years old
Rural Devon in 1942
Next to the American Camp
A Grandstand View
My Dad's War Effort and the NAAFI
Evacuated to Dawlish
Rabbit Lass Fri' Burnley
On the Wrong Track
Wait for the Wagon
Oh No Not Again
Living through the War
A Reminder of Home
Flying bombs
Evacuation 1944
The Isle of Wight Ferry Explosionicon for Recommended story
"Stay and have a cup of tea"
A child in the London Blitz
Adventures of a Go-Between
Saving Face - the Australian Bush Hat
"Tomahawk Warrior" - A Tribute
Grandad'sThumb - first war casualty in Abbotsley!
How bows and arrows stopped the British army
Elephants and Parties
The Sunken Shed
The Hunger Winter
Making Room For the Evacuees
My First Job
A Cobblers Tale
Iva Barr’s Reminiscences
Ruby Aylett’s War at Home
Thomas Farrell’s Observations
Jack Burgess’ Long Journey
The War Memories of Fredrick Dashwood
Raymond Wills Memories of the HMS Premiericon for Story with photo
The Mad Hatter — the memory of Keith Potter
My Mother’s Teeth
Gwen Wilkinson's Memories of Catford Central
Bert Williams
The Bomb at Newcross Telephone Exchange
A Family at War from Sharnbrook
The Blackberry Field Bomber in Wansworth
The Refuge of Wimbledon Park
The Bombing of Penwith Rd
The Sharnbrook Bomb
Tank Number 10 in Mormot
Night Time Bombings in Combat
A Childs Perspective of growing up in World War 2
Walking on Glass: The Clydebank Blitzicon for Story with photo
Coping With Life:Betty Goodwin's Evacuation Story. Part 1.icon for Story with photo
Coping with Life: Betty Goodwin's Evacuation Story Part 2.icon for Story with photo
Memories of a Girl at Senior School, Letchworth Garden City
Memories of a Girl’s Home Life, Letchworth Garden City
Dangers of Pig Bins in Hitchin
Childhood memories during the War
Life as a 'Plotter' in Fighter Commandicon for Story with photo
Banana Raffle 1943icon for Story with photo
Life on the Isle of Wight
My Narrow Escape
Manchester boy's memory of the war
Manchester girl's memory of the war
Medical student in Scotland
A War Baby in St. Albans
The Good Life in Dulverton
Lease-lend Lard
Who's Got the Baby?
G.I Christmas Party in Derbyshire
The Search for Glenn Miller
Let Them Eat Cake
From Threepenny Rush to Realityicon for Story with photo
A Sailor’s Misgiving
Swordfish over the Atlantic
The Baby Nursery
The Journey Home
The Liberation of Outmarsum from the German Occupation
War Memories — Myrtle Belcher
In my Father’s Footsteps
The Evening two Mines Dropped by German Aircraft
For my Mother — The Lost Years
War Time Memories - Joan Corfield
Attacked by U Boats
Billie Cutter D/JX 611149
My Small Part in Hitler’s Downfall
World War Two Memories - Rita Din
Fireball in the Sky
Memory of Blitz
Our Lil
What My Daddy Did In the War
Wren Air Mechanic (A)
A Day in the Life of a Wren Air Mechanic
As Safe as Houses
J.C. Horne - War Memories
War Experiences - Paul Kay
Dorothy Lumley — Memories of WW2
Wartime Evacuee
Evacuation in World War II
Memories of When I Was Evacuated During WW2
Being Bombed Out
From Hell into Heaven
An Aerial Attack
War on Our Doorstep
From Mill Hill to Scotland
My Dad’s Claim to Fame
Lessons in Living - Part Two
Lessons in Living - Part One
A Very Fortunate Life
The day I played truant from school
Discovering Belsen
Evacuation to Luton
Down the Cole Hole
The Last but one V2 of the War 1945
War Years and After
A Schoolboy in World War Two
Commer Cars, Biscot Road
Landmine in Park Street
The First Bombs in Luton
Ribbons in Trees
How Hitler Chased Me
DIY Bomb Disposal
Living In Poole
I Know Food Was Rationed But I Wasn’t That Hungry
WW2 Memories Anne Scott
WW2 Memories - David Scott
A young refugee in Shefford
Doodle Bug Over Shefford
Treasure From A Churchyard
Evacuated to Blackpool
Life in Hackney, London
Unplanned Take-off
Unexpected Tricks
Taking a Tip Gracefully (Memories of a bevan boy)
Keeping A-Float in the Country
Plane Spotting
The Memories of World War II — Alan Cann
A Child's Life Saved By Penicillin
Memories of WWII - Ken Johnson
Wedding Memories
Wartime Memories - Win Lawrence
Memories - Ivy Keeble
Wartime Coincidences (With Happy Endings)
Near Misses
S C and T
The Memoirs of Corporal Alexander Lewis Fawcett — Part Two
The Memoirs of Corporal Alexander Lewis Fawcett — Part One
Mother Nearly Killed by VI
47 years in the "co-op"
Guardsman Harrison’s War Story — Part Two
Guardsman Harrison’s War Story — Part One
Swallows in Algiers
My War Time Romance
Hell Fire Corner Boy
My Experience With A Watering Can
Dressing Gowns and Bowler Hats
Staying on in business in Wartime Hertfordshire a transport café on the old A1, cakes and Whale steaks.
Barrage Balloons Explosion, Marston Mortain (Cardington Balloon depot) and a wartime Bedfordshire childhood
Bringing up Baby alone in Acton
German Plane in School Playground in Locks Heath
The glint in his eye
Memories of a Wartime Childhood in Luton
Driving Around the Middle East for the RAF
A Delivery of Furniture to Bombed Coventry
Constant alert
A Lady Shoots at Doodlebugs
Life Under the Bombs in Cardiff
My Life in Bedfordshire During the War
Watching 'Doodlebugs' Arrive
Water From the Gas Pipe
The Passage of a German Army Column in a French Village
A German Baker in France
Life in Shepherd's Bush and two Evacuations
Terrified by the Blitz
The Messerschmitt Fighter Shot Down in an Orchard
Collecting Shrapnel
Early memories from a Battle of Britain Baby
A smile and a wave
A Pacifists War Wartime Collections
A Girl and Her Banana!
Lesser Known Happenings in Kent
From Kings to Cabbages
Number 44
How we survived
Platform 13 Paddington
Fighting From the Skies
Miracles Do Happen
Destry Rides Again
From Manston to Biggin hill in Kent,
Anudder View of the War
Ladies Of The Land
Paying my Share
Bitter-Sweet Sixteen
Rene Recalls
My memories of WWII - Ronald Wright
A bucket of steam
Burnt to a Cinder
Bombing in Sutton Surrey
V2 rocket falling in Biscot Road
Wartime in Luton and Abroad
A Toddler’s War in Luton
VJ Day at Haverford West - August 1945
VE Day May 8th in Letchworth
Memories of a Prisoner-of-War
Memories of a Flight Engineer
An Edmonton Street Party
Memories of an 11 Year-Old in Edmonton on VE Day
Caddington Memories and Oxford Street VJ Day Celebrations
Reminiscences of a Wartime Tank Crew Member
Memories of an Evacuee
VE Night - A memory of bonfires
VE Day in Caddington
VE Day in Luton VJ Day at Buckingham Palace
Wartime Memories of a Northallerton Schoolgirl
VE Day in Hamburg
A Time to remember in Kenton as a 13 Year Old Girl
Wartime Memories in Birmingham and VJ Day in Sheringham
Wartime Travels
Thoughts of a Vauxhall Apprentice
Ron’s Story
Aunty Flo to the Rescue in Wales
North Atlantic Incident
Man's Inhumanity to Man - The Liberation of Pokuku P.O.W. Forced Labour Camp in Burma
Preparing Aircraft for the First One Thousand Bomber Raid
An RAF Apprentice Goes to War In India and Burma
Rubbing Ration Books
A "Friendly Fire" Incident In The Withdrawal From Tiddim To Imphal
An Uncomfortable Journey To Reach The Army In India
From India To Battle In Burma
My Call-Up And Basic Army Training
Officers' Training School In India And My First Appointment
Return To Burma, March 1945
Some Experiences During The Withdrawal From Tiddim To Imphal
Some Friendly Help With A Test For An Army Commision
With The 17th Indian Division From Meiktila To Rangoon, 1945
The Romany Caravan

threecountiesaction added messages to the following stories

A Solitary Walk
A Solitary Walk
A Solitary Walk
Leonard Waller: 12th Devons
12th Devons

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