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15 October 2014
WW2 - People's War

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Hello Everyone

Let me introduce myself. I have been appointed as co-ordinator, by a steering group. This steering group are representatives of the BBC - People's War Outreach Project, South Gloucestershire Council, including their libraries, Filton Community History Project, and Bristol City Council, and that includes their libraries and the Bristol Record Office.

Having recently been involved as a research assistant in an award winning website project, on the History of Aviation in South Gloucestershire, ( I am very proud and extremely pleased to be involved in this one.

I have many contacts who are willing to allow me to put their World War Two stories on this site. I now also have helpers who are contributing and adding stories onto this page; and I am sure that you will enjoy reading them as much as I am.

Jackie Ashman

Stories contributed by brssouthglosproject

Evacuated From Liverpool And Back Again
Childhood In Wartime Yate
From Schoolboy to Sunderland Pilot
A Daylight Air-Raid in Filton, Glos.
Experiences As A Japanese Prisoner-of-War 1941 - 1945
Recycling is Not a New Idea
War in London
Smoke In Their Eyes
The Bombing of Parnalls Aircraft Factory of Yate
Lucky Escape at Hill 112
A Small Boy's View of the US Army In Bristol
The Spying Game
Childhood in War Time Fishponds, Bristol
Delayed Action Bomb at Parnalls in Yate
Schoolboy Messenger in the ARP
Market Days at Yate
Walking through Bristol after an Air Raid
Immigrants and Refugees in Yate
Underground as a Bevin Boyicon for Story with photo
Bomb Disposal work in the North Easticon for Story with photo
The September Bombing at Filton Aircraft Factory
Back from the Dead!
Underground as a Bevin Boy Part 2
W.A.A.F. R/T operator
Keeping the People Fed (A Grocers story)
A Grocer's Assistant Tale
Church Parade in the Girls Training Corp
A Woman in the Fire Service
An October 1939 Mum
Journey through York
Pregnant in "Peacetime"
Childhood in Okehampton
Diary Of A Teenagers Experiences During The Blitz In London
All's Fair in Love and War.icon for Story with photo
Evacuation from Juan le Pins
Camouflage And Knitting
Evacuation from Dunkirk
Bombing of Dublin
German Spies
Adopting a Minesweeper: My Childhood Memories
Cold Toast
Remembering The Bombs In Hanwell, London
A Village Policeman's Daughter
"Sunday Night Raid"
Gone But Not Forgotten
Getting Shelter at the Works
Desperately Seeking Shelter
Anderson Shelter Proves a Boon - to the Neighbours!
Dad's Army in Filton
Staying One Ahead of the Bombs
Packing Up The Office Equipment During The Air Raids
Secret Mission To Fly Twelve Bristol Blenheims To Finlandicon for Recommended storyicon for Story with photo
'The Forgotten Dead' : A Tragedy off the Devon Sands
Landing on Utah Beach in Normandy
A Family's Experiences of an Air Raid on Bristol Aeroplane Company Works
A Cockney Kid In Green Welliesicon for Story with photo
Eager For The Air: The Story Of The Air Transport Auxiliaryicon for Story with photo
1st Bombs on Brusselsicon for Story with photo
Belgian Border 4.00 am 1940icon for Story with photo
May 13 1940 "Our Exodus"icon for Story with photo
A Child in the Battle of Britainicon for Story with photo
The Night that Changed Our Lives.
Misfortunes of War
Cooking Pot in the Ground.
The Morning After
Civil Defence Ambulances in South Gloucestershire
From a Young Childs Eyes
From A Child During The War-To A Bride In Peace
Great Yarmouth and Thereabouts
Red Kites and Skuas
Per Ardua Ad Astra: Through Difficulties To The Starsicon for Story with photo
Delphine of the Dings War - The Phoney Waricon for Story with photo
Delphine of the Dings War - Filton Bombing and The Blitz
Delphine of the Dings War - From Pillar to Post
Delphine of the Dings War - Bath 1941—1942
Delphine of the Dings War - Spring to Summer 1942
Delphine's War - Here come the Yanks!icon for Recommended story
Delphine of the Dings War - The End
A Story From The Darkest Days Of The War
A Question, Not Exactly a Story
Thirteen to a house.
A Scholar Abroad (Part 1)
A Scholar Abroad - An Interupted Education (Part 2)
Happy Memories of Minety
Patricia's Early War Memories
Service In Signalsicon for Story with photo
Two Generations Gone in Two Months
Total Jealousy!
A Dream Rescue in the Night
Potatoes are Better Than Prize Carnations
Working on a Centre Lathe in Coventry
Direct Hit on a Filton Airfield Shelter
Assisting the Searchlight Battery
A Stirling Crash at Grovesend, Tytherington
Manning the Wires
25th And 27th September 1940 Raids On Patchwayicon for Story with photo
Schoolboys Collecting Shrapnelicon for Story with photo
A Teenager in the East End Blitz
A Lucky Pot-shot at St Ives
Doodle-bugs in Walthamstow; where did the pretty glass bird go?
A Schoolgirl's War Effort In South Gloucestershireicon for Story with photo
Red Cross And Romance
War Wedding In Staple Hill, Bristol
Friday Night Trembles
Destruction Of The "Derrycunihy"
Childhood Memories at Aust, Gloucestershire.
Memories Forevericon for Story with photo
Holdups For The Great Western Railway
Reflections Of A Bristol Boyicon for Story with photo
Herbert Bowden's Letter Home
To the Great Beyond
Housewife's Lot
Working At The Admiralty
Memories of Pit Props and Poniesicon for Story with photo
Experiences of a Land Army Girl in the Cotswoldsicon for Story with photo
From Pillar to Post - Wartime Evacueesicon for Story with photo
Babyhood Memories
The Story Of A Jewish German Refugee
Being A Concientious Objectoricon for Story with photo
A Grandstand View Of The Filton Raid, 1940
Renovating Bombed Property and Polishing Spitfires
Draughtswoman Flies Highicon for Story with photo
Three Pounds And A Blanket Chest!
Schrapnel At Milking Time
A Parcel On The Black Market
A Hazardous Paper Round
Wages In Wartime At The Bristol Aeroplane Company
Why Was I Not An Evacuee?
War Time In Horfield
Erith At War
German Air Raids Twice Nightlyicon for Story with photo
Women On Munition Work
The Clydebank Blitz
We Never Had Time To Be Young
Bale Out
Farmers Friend (Reminiscences of an Evacuee)icon for Story with photo
The Prisoner
Daffodil Yellow Flourish for an Occasion
Smoking In Bed
The Good Friday Raid 1941 - Willway Street, Bedminster
That "Darned" Balloon Lost In Space
Stripping The Tobacco Leaves
Toothless - An Air Raid Precaution!
Probably A Near Miss
A Budgie's Warning
The Wednesday Blitz 25th September 1940
Olvatine Baby Goes Flying
A Bristolian at Bletchley Parkicon for Story with photo
Bombed Out Twiceicon for Story with photo
A Wartime Sunday
Spam Corner
Fishponds Youth Salvage Squadicon for Story with photo
Two Brothers Experiences
Small Boys and "Fireworks"
View From The Train - Bristol On Fire
The Ups and Downs of The Auxiliary Fire Service
A Near Miss In Filton
Strange Dream
Bomb Dodging In Whitely Bay
Ken Cragg's RAF Service Part 1
The War Goes On For Us - Part Two - Operation Zipper
Not A Minute To Spare - In Thornburyicon for Story with photo
Life At Westinghouse Machine Shop
Behind The Japanese Lines In Burmaicon for Recommended storyicon for Story with photo
Berlin - Clearing Up After The Fall 1945
The Maritime Regiment, Italian POW's and Invisible Mending
Strange Priorities
A Black Shirt In Our Midst
Mayhem In The WAAF
The Men Who Missed The Tide - 1st Selectionicon for Story with photo
The Men Who Missed The Tide - 2nd Selection - Poemicon for Story with photo
The Men Who Missed The Tide: Third Selectionicon for Story with photo
Omaha Beachicon for Story with photo
The Raid: The Griffiths Family Have a Narrow Squeak In Bristolicon for Story with photo
Petty Officer Morgan Griffiths, RNicon for Story with photo
The Loss of HMS Achatesicon for Story with photo
Russian Convoy JW51B, Official Report, HMS Achates, HMS Bramble
HMS Onslow on Russian Convoy in The Barents Sea
Utah Beach on D-Day 6th June 1944.icon for Story with photo
Memories of a Bombardier 1940 - 1946 (Part 1)icon for Story with photo
Memories of a Bombardier 1940 - 1946 (Part 2)icon for Story with photo
Life On A Gun Site
Bus Stop Blitz
German Navigator - Misguided Bomber!
Evacuees And Yanks In Yeovil
Reminiscences of an Evacuee From London
Getting There
A W.R.N.S. Life Codebreaking At Stanmoreicon for Story with photo
Memories of a Bombardier 1940 - 1946 (Part 3)
Memories of a Bombardier 1940 - 1946 (Part 4)
The Driving Test
The Crater in the Ladden Brook and Flying Potatoes
Memories of ATC: Inspection by Queen Mary
That's Life
Reunited An Evacuee Returns After 60 years!
From Mulberry Harbour To VE Day
Got Any gum chum?
Peashooters and Perspex
Two Brothers Experiences
Delivering The Milk Three Times A Day
Sylvia In The REME
Clipped Wings - Fishponds 1939
Rough Hewn and Tender Pride-Fishponds 1939-1940
Joining The Women's Land Army
Roy - In Memoriumicon for Story with photo
Mothers Little Helper At Nine Years Old
The Desert Song
Flying Supplies
The Stick Man
Barbara's Schooldays - Bristol 1939 - 1941
Top Secret Phoenixicon for Story with photo
Rivetting Baffle Plates In Rodney Works
From Trainee Pharmacist to Pistons
London Bombings and Remembering Bobby
Farming and Ack-Ack In Almondsbury
German POW's Gift of Chess Seticon for Story with photo
German POW's produced Food For Usicon for Story with photo
Escapes in War
A Normandy Veteran
A Precarious Travelogue
The Huts at Bletchley Parkicon for Story with photo
Growing Up In London During WW2
Still Getting Thereicon for Story with photo
Being Observed
HMS Bonaventure X-Craft Depot Shipicon for Story with photo
HMS Bonaventureicon for Story with photo
How A Small Boy Misses his Fathericon for Story with photo
Reflections of a Mid-Gloucestershire Schoolboy
Why Does My Mother Cry?
Mistaken Identity
Bombed But Not Forgotten
Strength In Togetherness
WRAF Work With Barrage Balloons
My Spell of Evacuationicon for Story with photo
Training to Be A Flight Engineer
Training To Be A Flight Engineer Part Two
Flight Engineer Part Three
Life and Shanks Pony During The War
Red Cross Nurseicon for Story with photo
Memories of a Bombardier 1940 -1946 (Part 5)
Memories of a Bombardier 1940 -1946 (Part 6)
Boy From Brazil
Jersey Life as an Army Mechanic Part Oneicon for Story with photo
Jersey Life As An Army Mechanic Part Twoicon for Story with photo
Au Revoir But Not Goodbye
Army Vehicle Mechanic Part Three - Operation Overlord Part Threeicon for Story with photo
A Wish Come True - Part One
A Wish come True - Part Two
A Wish Come True - Part Three
Helping Dad With Fire-Guard Training Duties In Plymouth
Helping Dad with Fire Watching Training - Part Two
Pillaton Stories - Part One
Pillaton Stories - Part Two
Bad Dream come True In Torquay
What Did You Do In The War Grandma?
Helping On My Father's Farm
King George VI Visits
Life In Torquay
In A Stream In The Park
War-Baby In Sydney
Snippets of Life In Thornbury
Bus Ride Home to Filton
Loading Up Landing Craft
Seven Years of Separation
Army Life - In The Beginning - Part One
Army Life - Part Two
I Nearly Lose It, Army Life - Part Three
The War Is Over - Army Life - Part Four
Part One - Test Flight Crashicon for Story with photo
Part Two - Test Flight Crashicon for Story with photo

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Strange Priority's

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