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15 October 2014
WW2 - People's War

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Volunteers from CSV in Tyne & Wear, Northumberland and Durham are helping those who lived and fought during World War Two contribute their memories to the WWII People's Archive. Scroll down to find links to stories and pictures that they have helped to contribute.

For information on becoming a CSV volunteer, please contact Jason Moyes 0191 2212815

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BBC Cumbria Volunteer Story Gatherers

Stories contributed by newcastlecsv

Terry Wightman
Bombed in an air-raid shelter!
The Billeting Officer
Fly Cemetery
A childhood in a Siren Suit
Uncle Edwin had trouble landing
Beware of Pipe Glow
Life in London and a Staffordshire Ordinance Factoryicon for Story with photo
An exciting lunch in Leadgate
A little extra
Mock fish and the Sailors
The Royal Observer Corps
Our profoundly deaf mother
How good is your memory?
Evacuee's Letter Home
A Limited View
Living with rationing
From Newcastle to Gibraltar and backicon for Story with photo
The Attack on the Rangitane
Growing up between 1939 and 1945
I Survive a Rough Crossing
Recollections of My Early Years - Part 1 Daily Life
Recollections of My Early Years - Part 2 Passing the Time
Recollections of My Early Years - Part 3 Bombs over Fulwell
Domestic Service
Somebody Else’s Knickers
Waiting to Volunteer
I-Spy, on Holy Island
A Memory of the Blitz
An Evacuee from Merseyside Recounts Life in County Down during the War
Valentine's Day wishesicon for Story with photo
Meat rationing, a Butcher's dilema
"Pig Clubs", Supplementing Meat Rations
A close shave for the "Pacific Star"
Food Glorious Food
Newton-by-the-Sea, a Northumberland village during the Second World War, Part 1 (of two)icon for Story with photo
Newton-by-the-Sea, a Northumberland village during the Second World War, Part 2 (of two)icon for Story with photo
Worn-out Pram Wheels
"Frightening moment", a brush with a Heinkel 111k
"What a time to choose!", during the London Blitz
"Of women, welding and war"
"Grandma's fur coat!", in the London Blitz
Missing Cigarettes
A Child in Hospital
"Unsung heroes" of D-Day
"The News" , the fall of Belgium
Change of jobs
Lack of Communications
Evacuees from the Shipyard Area of Tyneside
Passionate Leave
Personal Memories of Mrs Robertina Earl
Nancy McQueen remembers nursing in the QA's
A Hard Life in Youth
Michael Pawlak, His Story Toldicon for Story with photo
Happy days, serving with the Wrensicon for Story with photo
A busy life as a Royal Navy signalmanicon for Story with photo
No Choice
Bombing Of The Goodstation.
My Life As A young Woman In The War Years
1939-1945 Through the Eyes of a Child
Crushed Youth
Lost Years
Mist over Dunkirk
Dunkirk and Food
Back late from leave
D Day
Sights and sounds remembered by a school girl
Joan's Memory Lane
Five Days of Hell at Cassinoicon for Recommended storyicon for Story with photo
John Wright, his service for the duration
Messages sent to the Forcesicon for Story with photo
Retrieving the Enigma code booksicon for Recommended story
Combat Stress
Accompanying Robert Docker, with songicon for Story with photo
Dunkirk and Food
Mist over Dunkirk
Enlisting in the 8th Battalion Royal Northumberland Fusiliers
Back late from leave
Wounded & D Day
Synchronise Watches!
A Lodgings Provider
"They were only boys", the American air force over here
A Little Evacuee
Private William Grindley, who did not return
Missions in the RAF
"Everyday living on a farm"
Childhood memories
A travelling Wren
A friendly enemy
War time Memories
I Spy
A visit from Dunkirk
Comrades-in-Armsicon for Recommended story
Meine Kleine
My War
Mother went first
Tough times and good timesicon for Story with photo
The best laid plans ...
Growing up in Gateshead - The War Years
In the RAF
Toys for us
Instant Wings
Mustangs over Howdon
A journay to Northern Ireland
Hard Times
Life after birth in an air raid shelter in Northumberland
Kid's Army
A schoolboy's perspective
My Experiences during the war.
The bombs dropped on Gretna Village by Germans
My Father's Story
My Shipyard experiences
Struggling in Ethiopia
D day and Arnham
My experience in the Territorial Army
"A Memorable Journey"
Childhood Memories
"The Al Capone of Barton Seagrove"
Wartime poetry
Unwilling to be Beaten
A child in the war
Suffer Little Children
Hard work on the Farm
Any port in a storm
One man's struggle in the hands of the Nazis
A Direct Hit On Wilkinson’ Lemonade Factory
Evacuation 1940-1945
Evasion in WW2, 60 years onicon for Story with photo
In the Battle for the Atlantic
Attacked at Sea
A Superior Air Raid Shelter
Evacuation friendships
Lights Out!
Service with the K.O.S.B.s and the Railway Operating Companies
Growing up in Gatesheadicon for Story with photo
Farming in Northumberland
The Wood Yard
With RAF Coastal Command, over the seas
Bombed Out
My Childhood War
Wee Donald's Recollections of WW2
Allan Sherwood's waricon for Story with photo
Memories of Amble and districticon for Story with photo
Why bomb Shiremoor?
Time Bomb
The Need For Coal (a ghost story)
Life as the wife of a RAF pilot
Flying bombs over London
Growing up at Amble
A schoolgirl's journal
An Evacuee Storyicon for Story with photo
Prostitutes at the Ministry!
Fire Watching in Marylebone Road
Nothing short of a miracle - The Battle of the Atlanticicon for Story with photo
The Royal Navy in Gibraltar
The Women's Auxiliary Air Force
The Day War Broke Out
Wartime childhood memories
The 400 Bomber Raid
Sunny Weekend: July 1940
The Englishman who saved the village
The Voices of Whinfield
War Poetry
A Cold Draught - from Shields to Shetland
The Isle of Man - war poetry
Air Raid!
Evacuation - Dark Weekend
A Child's Eye View of the War
A Child's Eye View of World War Two
Air raids in South Shields
The Plotters
Wartime Memories on Tyneside
South Shields at war part one
South Shields at War - Part Two
Sailing in Convoy
Fast Asleep in Gateshead
Big Rewards in Dunston
Childhood memories
Hitting the high notes!icon for Story with photo
Luminuos Paint
Run Rabbit Run
Luminous Paint
Childhood Memories
A Memorable Journey
Food American Style
The Gunners
Evacuation - 1940-45
Factory ID Cardicon for Story with photo
Travel ID Cardicon for Story with photo
National Registration Cardicon for Story with photo
Marienburg XXB POW camp football teamicon for Story with photo
Marienburg XXB POW campicon for Story with photo
Marienburg XXB POW Campicon for Story with photo
Marienburg XXB POW Campicon for Story with photo
Usher Moor Home Guard 1940icon for Story with photo
School Child Victory Certificateicon for Story with photo
War Reserve Police Officer in Durhamicon for Story with photo
School Child Victory Certificateicon for Story with photo
National Savings Cardicon for Story with photo
After the bomb in Hiroshimaicon for Story with photo
Serving during the war in Austrailiaicon for Story with photo
An Evacuee Story
Wartime Memories of a Tyneside Teenager
No Choice
My Childhood War
War for a teenager
A child's war in the countryside
An odd theft
Horse Soldiers
Experiences in the WAAF
Evacuated to Danger
Our evacuee
From a Tyneside childhood to the RAF
A Prisoner of War Story
On the Home Front
A soldier's tea
The Second Spitfire
Caring for the enemy, and other stories.
"My evacuation - August to December, 1939"icon for Story with photo
Strafed at work by a loose cannon!
Strafed by a loose cannon!
Wylam Wartime Memories
Christmas With The Enemy
"Meetings with Destiny", Part 1
"Meetings with Destiny", Part 2icon for Story with photo
My Free Trip Around The World
Not a real farewell party
The Cully Family during the Waricon for Story with photo

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