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15 October 2014
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A Letter From the Front Lineicon for Recommended story

by CSV Action Desk/BBC Radio Lincolnshire

Contributed by 
CSV Action Desk/BBC Radio Lincolnshire
People in story: 
L/Sgt Albert Clisette DE
Location of story: 
The Front Line
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Contributed on: 
09 August 2005

This is the envelope the letter was sent in showing the censor's stamp. Also showing are the stamps he mentions in the letter

TRANSCIPT OF LETTER SENT TO Mr K Townend. From L/Sgt Albert Clisette D E on 18/7/1944

Dear Pat and Ken,

This is more or less a continuation from the letter I wrote early this morning and as I shall probably not finish this tonight you will probably wonder what goes on when you receive this however all is well.

Today as you have probably read in the paper has been a field day for us and we’ve been giving Jerry merry h—l which does my poor heart good. The jerries coming in now are slap happy with the terrific pounding the RAF and USAAF gave them not to mention the artillery and our wee bit in the mortars. But I had not better mention too much or the censor will be climbing all over my frame.

So now to give you the remainder of the news which I missed this morning. Well on the 8th our Battalion had a field day as far as tanks were concerned as this unit alone knocked out 6 Tiger and Panther tanks with Piats not bad. all the lads here swear by the Piat

Yesterday we went for a bath, why I don’t know as we are just as dirty again. However we were all standing in the open waiting our turn to get in the showers which are all out door affairs. The lads were as bare as the day they were born when an old lady comes strutting into view looks at us and grins. Talk about embarrassing — not half.

Mitch will get a great kick out of this. You will no doubt remember all my lovely pleats in my uniform; well you should see it now. Lots of dirt and grease. My poor nerves.

Today has been really great except for the dust which we couldn’t help but kick up and every time we did that old jerry would bring the muck down but I’m pleased to say he got all back with 100% interest. He is a lucky fellow getting such high interest.

Old Tony was in it with us good and heavy today and laugh, what a mess. every time a bomb landed near us he would duck and we just stood there and laughed like fools but he is wise now when he sees us, duck he does. Blasted jerry is bringing down mortar fire right now so I shall probably be busy in a moment so I’ll finish this tomorrow.

Here I am again to put the finishing touches to this letter. Last night was a pretty tactic night with very little chance to get any sleep. Today I bumped into a couple of chums of mine and it was like old times to see them still kicking.

On the remembered day of the 8th I saw a jerry 88mm A/T gun fire five shots at a parked Red Cross jeep with a wounded man on it. The fifth shot got a direct hit — no more jeep or men and then they say take prisoners. What a hope.

I am enclosing some jerry stamps for the chap that collects them, at least I think they are stamps.

Now I guess I had better close for the present so please give my regards to all I know. My love and best wishes to all at 61. Adios.


PS Please excuse the writing and spelling but it is a bit awkward trying to think with all this racket

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