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18 September 2014
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Victorian Britain

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Muck and Brass

Activity: 'Muck and brass' game
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It's the 1850s. Much of Britain's landscape is dominated by industrial towns and rapidly expanding cities. Market towns have become provincial backwaters. Millions of people live in poverty whilst a lucky few amass enormous wealth. This social gulf is the reality of Victorian Britain.

Towns are built for industry and trade; not for people. Homes are thrown up in a hurry without a thought for their dwellers. Britain has become an economic powerhouse but a country of extremes.

In this game you have to help iron out some of these extremes and improve the image of "Cottonopolis". To succeed you will have to think and act like a Victorian.

The results of your decisions will be measured in a macabre combination of coffins and coins. Your unenviable task is to keep the city's coffers full whilst trying to save as many of your citizens as possible from an early grave.

The choices are tough and the dilemmas real. How ready is your conscience for the realities of Victorian Britain? Play 'Muck and Brass' to find out.

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