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18 September 2014
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Articles, games, activities and quizzes that help make sense of the past and the sources that made history.
Pick a trail and start your journey.
Detail from Days of Creation stained glass window Church and State
Track the history of Britain's historic institutions and their turbulent relationship.
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Victorian woman in hat Victorian Britain
Who were the winners and losers in the race for industrial supremacy in Victorian Britain?
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Photo of a Victorian family Family History
Take the first steps to uncovering your family history; what can documentation and memorabilia reveal?
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Victorian Methodist Chuch in Islington, London Local History
Discover how history happens all around you; enthusiasts and experts offer their top tips for reading the past.
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WW1 Tommy, with Union Jack and gun Wars and Conflicts
Discover more about the personal experience of battle. Chart the emergence of a British standing army.
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Detail from Bayeux Tapestry Conquest
What was the impact of the Vikings and the Normans? Michael Wood charts the legacy of invasion.
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Detail from Anglo-Saxon manuscript How to Do History
Follow in the footsteps of professional historians and find out how they bring the past alive.
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Detail from a mosaic Archaeology
Find out more about the world of archaeology. Join Julian Richards as he goes digging for clues.
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