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24 September 2014
Wars and Conflict - 1916 Rising

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The 1916 Easter Rising and the War of Independence that followed in 1919-21 transformed the political landscape in Ireland. You can explore the events leading up to 1916, the Insurrection itself and its aftermath, through essays, photographs, sound archive, music and newspapers from the period.

Easter 1916: From Home Rule to Independence
Image of Eire This historical backdrop introduces Redmond’s Home Rule campaign and Ulster unionists’ resistance to it. Find out about the Dublin Lockout and the Irish Citizen Army.
Image of a scene inside The GPO The Rising occurred when Britain and Ireland were at war with Germany. Discover how the rebels enlisted the support of Britain’s enemy.
Image of members of the first Dáil The Rebels were vilified for enlisting German support. Find out how these ‘traitors’ became martyrs and rejuvenated the political demand for Irish independence.
A montage of symbols from the period Profiles
Image of Erin greeting the Dawn Gallery
Image of a Wireless Radio Archive
Image of women looking at ruined buildings Witnesses to History
Image of Garret FitzGerald Personal Perspective
Image of musical notes on a tricolour Rebel Songs
Image of a newspaper front page Newspaper Archive

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