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24 September 2014

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Battle of Worcester

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Muskets firing

Muskets firing

Battle of Worcester timeline - Pre Battle

Follow the ebbs and flows of the Battle of Worcester as it developed on the 3 September 1651.

Battle of Worcester map

The situation pre battle

Blue = Royalist/Scottish forces. Strength around 16,000.
Red = Parliamentary forces. Strength around 30,000
1 = Oliver Cromwell.
2 = Charles II was to watch the battle unfolding from the top of the tower of Worcester cathedral.
3 = Fort Royal.
4 = Bridges of Boats over the Rivers Severn and Teme.
5 = Colonel Charles Fleetwood.
6 = General Richard Deane.
7 = Major General Montgomery.
8 = David Leslie and Scots cavalry.
9 = Major General John Lambert.
10 = Major General Harrison. 
11 = Duke of Hamilton.

Charles had been in exile in France and landed in Scotland on 23 June 1650.

The Scottish army lost the battle of Dunbar to Cromwell's Parliamentary forces on 3 September 1650.

Charles crossed into England at the head of a Scottish army on 1 August 1651.

On 22 August Charles and his army arrived in Worcester and began to fortify the city against the expected attack.

It wasn't until 27 August that Cromwell's Parliamentarian forces arrived at Evesham.

Cromwell set about cutting off Charles's escape routes and laying siege to the city.

The Royalists were determined to stop The Parliamentarians crossing to the west bank of the River Severn, and so sent troops to Upton on Severn, and demolished the middle of the bridge.

Unfortunately they left a plank across the middle of the bridge and Major General Lambert's troops fought their way across and into the town.

The famous Pepperpot Tower in Upton still bears the scars of the fighting.

The Scots now took up defensive positions on the Worcester side of the River Teme.

They planned to hold Powick bridge, the scene of the first clash of the Civil War nine years earlier.

The Parliamentary forces now took up positions on the high ground to the east of the city walls.

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You are in: Hereford and Worcester > history > Battle of Worcester > Battle of Worcester timeline - Pre Battle

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