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24 September 2014

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Rhys Jones

Rhys Jones

Rhys' Everest Adventure

New Forest climber Rhys Jones reached the top of Everest on May 17th, which completed his dream to become the youngest person ever to climb the highest mountains in each of the world's seven continents.

In May 2006,  Rhys Jones, from Bartley in the New Forest became the youngest person ever to climb the seven highest summits on each of the world's seven continents.

After returning from his world-record breaking trip, he was met at Heathrow Airport by his mum and sister and driven back to the New Forest in a Rolls Royce provided by Lord Montagu of Beaulieu.

"It's just really nice to be home and see everyone again,"  Rhys told BBC South Today.

Rhys reached the summit of Everest on Wednesday May 17th - his 20th birthday.  It had been his ambition to climb Everest ever since joining the Scouts at the age of 11.

"I was just relieved to get to the top, but very aware that I had to concentrate on getting down safely." he said.

On top of the world

After keeping a close eye on the weather throughout the first few days of May, Rhys and his team opened a route through deep snow to The Hillary Step, which is about halfway between the south summit and the main summit before making their move up to the summit.

Crossing a crevice on a ladder

Crossing a crevice on a ladder

The news was eagerly awaited in Copythorne where a party was held at the local Scout hut, where Rhys is a leader.  His family received the news by phone after the team had relayed their progress to Base Camp via radio. Rhys' dad, Alan was proud of his son's achievement and what it had taken: "It's focus and determination and having a dream and pursuing it to the end."

The Jones family have also received congratulations messages from Sir Chay Blythe and Dame Ellen MacArthur.

Rhys wasn't the only British teenager climbing the world's highest peak. Robin Gauntlett from Petworth in West Sussex became the youngest Briton to climb Everest, when he reached the summit from the North Face on the same day at around 3.30am (UK time).



Rhys had already climbed Denali in North America, Aconcagua in South America, Mt Vinson in Antarctica, Elbrus in Europe and Kilimanjaro in Africa.  

He had an eventful few weeks acclimatising on the mountain before returning to Base Camp from Camp 3 to prepare for the final assault on the summit.

In April, the team were caught in snow storms for four days with food supplies running low and rescued another climber who had fallen off a ladder while crossing a crevice.  There was also news of three Sherpas being killed nearby.

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Have Your Say

Post your messages of congratulations for Rhys and Rob.

helen boulton
hi rhys hope you had a great time we missed you loads lots of love helen

Chris and Suzanne Middleton
well done Rhys- we knew you could do it!!

Emily Kennard, Romsey
I just heard the news that you climbed everest! That's incredible, well done. And Happy Birthday.

The Gasnier Family from New Zealand
Well done Rhys - from all of us, especially Philip! Safe trip back down!! When are you coming to NZ??

Philip Gasnier
hey Rhys, Been following your progress pretty closely hope this finds you safe and well, thought it was about time i dropped you a line to say congratulations!!! Anyway if you read this, get in touch it'd be good to hear from you!!! Phil

Jo Pringle (nee Weller)
Many congratulations Rhys. I am so thrilled for you. What an achievement.

jocelyne lawrence de Barton Peveril
Félicitations. J'espère que le retour se passera bien. Bises et a bientot.

Neil Gregory, Ferny crofts IT geek
Well done rhys, good practice for next years expedition!!! Now all you got to do is beat alan hinkes and climb the rest in that area! Congrationlations and what a way to spend your Bday

The Romsey School
Your teachers at Romsey School have watched your progress through the seven summit challenge and your sucess was announced at a staff meeting this morning. Do you remember when you reported for the school newspaper? Well now we're reporting on you! Well done! Mr. Matlock and all of the staff

tom shepherd
ive been thinking about doing something as life changing as climbing mt. everest but thought it was an impossiblity. been seeing that you have managed to scale it and several other tall peaks has given me the inspiration to try and achieve my goal, thanks!

Penny Gower
Well done, and a belated happy birthday - an inspiration to us all.

Hannah Dean
Well Done Rhys you have done everyone proud. safe journey home and will see you when you get back xxx

Hanna Hayward, Cadnam
hey, well done and happy birthday. just got home from your 20th birthday party at the Scout Hut.It was a truly amazing atmosphere. good luck with the rest of the expedition

Val, Rachael and Ellie Prowse.
Well done Rhys, Happy Birthday --what a wonderful way to celebrate. Come back safe to see us all soon

Pat Mumford
As a member of Monks Brook U3A to whom you spoke last year Rhys - Many congratulations on your achievement. Congrats to Rob too.

Chris Applegate
Nice on Rhys - safe journey home!! see you soon, appz

David Morton
Hi Rhys and Rob what a fantastic effort on behalf of you both so good to see British youth showing the world what makes Britain a great country, congratulations to you both. Dave from Ringwood

Godfrey Glyn
Congratulations Rhys from all of us at Barton Peveril! We are all so proud of you for what you have achieved and we are looking forward to holding a celebration for you when you get back to hampshire! Take care!

Charlotte (fcexp)
yay! well done Rhys!:)

Alan Catt
Hi Rhys, Great achievement a credit to Stanley's Own Scouts. We are having a birthday party for you, so hope you will join in the singing of "Happy Birthday". Best wishes for a safe return from all at 2nd New Forest North Scout Group. Alan Catt - Chairman

Craig and Helen
Well done Rhys! Good effort! See you when you get back!

debi fuller
Congratulations to Rob and Reese. I saw them on lunchtime south today and they are an inspiration to all young people. With many best wishes to them and their very proud families.

Peter Day
Well done Rhys from all of us at Impatex

Annic Journeaux, Copythorne
Well done Rhys and happy birthday. We're all very proud of you. Have a safe journey home. Who would have thought our cheeky little Scout would be sat on top of the world on his 20th Birthday - takes some beating.

congratulations what a birthday present rhys! culmination of all your commitment pauline

martin jennings
what a fantastic achievement for you both. i found kilimanjaro tough, but everest is a completely different proposition. congratulations to you both. good luck on the descent and have a good trip home!

Dedyal household
Many congratulations to the two lads for their towering mountaineering achievement. We are all very proud of the two lads.

The Wright Family, nr Andover
Congratulations to Rhys Jones and Rob Gauntlett on their tremendous achievement in scaling Mount Everest. A diificult challenge at any age, but truly amazing at THEIR young ages. Well done. They deserve all the accolades they will receive!

Rosie King, Portsmouth
I think the men are a real insparation to me and other children! Keep up the good work!

Steve Fricker, southampton
Congratulations to the two lads who ascended Mt. Everest. It's good to see two young lads doing something exciting with their lives - something they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Matt Oakes
Just wanted to say well done Rhys! I'm your biggest fan!

brilliant - what a brilliant achievement!

Debbie & Michael Dymott
Happy Birthday Rhys and congratulations on your wonderful achievement. On behalf of Dominic (who is in Tanzania) we also send his congratulations.

Milli Carreras
Well done mate! So proud of you! I want to hear all your news when you return! Must have been all your training with HSX that helped!!! xxx

Laura Sibley
I used to play badminton with your sister and so I have been following your progress via the internet,iam so pleased on your success you have done so well and Iam sure many are proud of your achievments!Hope you have a safe journey home.

Gill Rampton
Congratulations I have been watching your progress since you came to talk to my local IAM Group in Basingstoke. Well done.

You are in: Hampshire > People > Profiles > Rhys' Everest Adventure

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