Editorial teams are responsible for providing copy and text alternatives for products which follow the BBC Editorial Guidelines. As well as visible text such as headings, form labels, page titles etc, hidden text that is heard by screen reader users should also be carefully crafted. This could include off screen text (headings, link text etc) as well as aria-labels, buttons, navigation and so on.  It is essential that it is clear and a good user experience for screen reader users.

Products are encouraged to set up a Labelling Library so that consistent labelling and editorial parity can be achieved across applications. For example the alternatives used for iPlayer on the web should not be different to alternatives used in native apps.

Please refer to the BBC Accessibility Labelling Library (internal link only) for a list of preferred labels for links, carousels (home page and in page), pagination, accordions and slideshows. Please refer to the BBC Global Experience Language for guidance on icons.

Audio and video - All BBC subtitles and transcripts are delivered by Red Bee Media and Video Factory.

Editorial - Consistent labelling of buttons, form inputs, headings, links and image alternatives should apply across different versions of products on different platforms. This enables better recognition and understanding. Work closely with UX designers on instructions for users.

Text equivalents - Alternatives for non-text content such as images will depend on context and should fulfil an equivalent purpose.