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Downloading the beta

You can download all Glow releases, include betas, from the downloads page.

What's new?

Glow 2 is a major rewrite concentrating on API and performance. We've taken the opportunity to change the API, basing our changes on feedback we've received from users of Glow 1.


We have a short guide to getting started with Glow 2 and full API documentation is provided in the zip/tar file package available via the downloads page

The API documentation will be available on the site as it is with other versions in time for the main 2.0.0 release.


Due to API changes, Glow 2 cannot run code written for Glow 1.

Code written for Glow 2 Beta 1 may not be compatible with future releases. We may make further changes based on feedback from the beta. However, these changes are likely to be minor and will be documented in release notes for future versions.

Running Glow 1 & Glow 2 on the same page

Glow 1, Glow 2 and Gloader can be used on the same page without issues, provided they don't use the same global variables (e.g. window.glow). Glow 1 can be loaded into a private scope via Gloader.

Glow 2 can be loaded into a private scope via its own loader..


This release contains the following:

The loader.
Shortcut function for creating/fetching glow.NodeLists.
Manipulate DOM elements. Similar in API to Glow 1, but with improved performance.
Methods for batch adding/removing of listeners. Methods for adding listeners has been moved to individual objects via their 'on' method. NodeLists also have methods for event delegation.
Create and synchronise animations. Note that NodeList has shortcut methods for animating DOM elements.
Information on the browser should, according to BBC Guidelines, be used as a last resort.
Methods for fetching data & loading scripts/images/css. Includes methods to make cross-domain requests via JSONP and
Tweening functions for animations.
Utility methods. E.g. cloning objects and copying properties.
For overlaying an element on top of another. Handles issues like Flash & select boxes in IE.
Behaviour to allow keyboard navigation around a set of elements.
Enhance a text input with auto-complete/suggest functionality.
Enhance items to show them in an interactive carousel.

What's next?

There are some features present in Glow 1 that haven't made it into Glow 2 yet but we're working hard to bring them into Glow 2, ensuring they get the same API and performance enhancements as the rest of Glow 2.

In the meantime, we're looking forward to hearing your ideas &amp feature requests!

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