BBC for everyone

Where do we start when we think about inclusion and accessibility? With people. It's our passion, joy, and responsibility to build a great BBC for everyone.


  • Rebecca Nancarrow
  • Michael  Mathews

'BBC for everyone' film made by Matt Johns

At the BBC we build great digital content for everyone, and we are mindful of the barriers that prevent our audience from fully enjoying that content. We understand that, like people, impairments come in every conceivable shape and size. To be truly inclusive, the only assumption we can make about our audience is that everyone is different and everyone deserves the best possible experience we can deliver.

Delivering great content that works for everyone requires knowledge, and the BBC has many excellent training courses available for our staff to learn how to do that. But more importantly it requires understanding and a mindset that sees the positive challenge in making our content available to the widest possible audience.

But how do we gain that understanding? One great way to start is to simply ask. The Accessibility team in BBC UX&D interviewed a range of people who use a variety of different ways to access our digital content. The first thing we discovered was that, in spite of all our differences, we all have important things in common: we all want to feel valued as individuals and to be treated equally and fairly. And we all love to have access to all the best digital content at the BBC without unnecessary barriers in our way.

Inclusion and accessibility is vital to everything we do and is part of our daily working practice at the BBC. It's a responsibility that ignites and inspires our creativity and that we take great pride and joy in fulfilling, because we genuinely believe that the BBC is for everyone.