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17 September 2014
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how to be a gardener - The complete online guide

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7 - The herb garden
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HerbsThe herb garden
It’s almost impossible to grow a bed or pot of herbs that doesn’t look fantastic. They are also very easy to grow.

Like ornamental plants, there are annuals such as basil, coriander, and marjoram; perennials such as mint, fennel and thyme; woody perennials such as rosemary, lavender and sage; or even bulbs such as chives.

You can grow herbs in a formal herb garden, scattered among ornamental plants in a bed or border; or as pot plants on the patio. Keep a few near the back door, they smell great on a hot summer’s day and they’ll be within easy picking reach. They also make great hanging basket plants.
Purple basil and chivesTips for success
Herbs do best in a hot, sunny spot. In these conditions they’ll make the highest level of the aromatic oils that give them their smell and taste. They also prefer well-drained soil, and are perfect for growing in pots near the kitchen door.
Like all plants they enjoy regular feeding throughout the growing season. Some perennial herbs, such as mint and lemon balm, are a bit too vigorous for their own good.
ParsleyTo help keep them under control, try planting them in a big pot and sinking this into the ground. A great way to store herbs that you’ve harvested is to freeze them because this keeps the flavour fresh.
QuizNow that you have learned the basics on growing a productive garden, test your knowledge to earn a certificate endorsed by the RHS/BBC.

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A gardener's work is never finished, but you almost are in your journey to become a gardener. In our last module I'll show you how to keep your garden looking great all year round.
7. The productive garden

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