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17 September 2014
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how to be a gardener - The complete online guide

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7 - Growing vegetables
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Lettuce can be grown outdoors from early April onwards, once the soil has begun to warm up.
Sowing lettuce seedsTo get a succession of salad leaves all summer long, you need to sow seeds at regular intervals of two to three weeks.
Ranks of lettuceSow in rows, and once the seedlings are up, thin them out so that there’s 20cm to 30cm (8in to 12in) between each seedling – check the packet for details.
Ranks of lettuceThere are many different types of lettuce, so you can try a whole range and plant half or whole rows. If you are sowing more than one row, space them 45cm (18in) apart.
LettuceLettuce are perfect ‘fillers’. You can sneak a row in between other crops, such as tomatoes, as long as they have enough light.
Peas and beans
Sow bean seeds from mid-May onwards. With climbing beans put up the support first, either tee-pees or a cross caned row made from bamboo canes, or a bean net strung between poles.
Climbing peas
One particular problem can be mice stealing the seed, so cover the rows with a thick layer of holly leaves
Once broad beans have set a good crop, pinch out the tips to deter blackfly.
Sow pea seeds from April onward in rows at 5cm to 7cm (2in to 3in) spacing, so that the plants will be able to support one another. For a succession of peas, sow at two-week intervals.

To aid good pollination, grow sweet peas nearby to attract bees.
Pea pod
7. The productive garden

Setting up your plot
Growing vegetables
 Salads, peas and beans
 Root crops, cabbage and onion
Growing fruit
The kitchen diary
Greenhouse growing
The herb garden
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