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17 September 2014
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how to be a gardener - The complete online guide

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7 - Greenhouse growing
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Greenhouse planting
Greenhouse growing
The great thing about a greenhouse is that it expands the range of plants you can grow successfully.

A greenhouse is also a great place to start off many hardy vegetables, which means that you'll get an earlier harvest.
To keep the temperature in your greenhouse down in summer, remember to take the following steps:
  • Cover the glass with liquid shading to provide shade inside
  • Open the vents and door to ventilate and get air circulating
  • Water regularly
  • Watch clipWatch clips about the basic principles of growing vegetables and making a vegetable plot.
    Plant listsView a range of plant lists for a productive garden.
    7. The productive garden

    Setting up your plot
    Growing vegetables
    Growing fruit
    The kitchen diary
    Greenhouse growing
     Tomatoes and cucumbers
     Peppers and aubergines
    The herb garden
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