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17 September 2014
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how to be a gardener - The complete online guide

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6 - Weeds
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The definition of a weed is ‘any plant growing in the wrong place’. This means anything from a tiny hairy bittercress seedling to a huge sycamore tree. It also covers some of the more invasive ‘garden’ plants, such as snow-in-summer, Cerastium tomentosum, which will take over a rock garden if not controlled.
Weeds are ill-mannered thugs. They compete with more sedate, well-mannered plants for water, light and nutrients. There are two basic weed types, annual and perennial, each with its own plan of attack.
Weedkiller gameBrush up on annual and perennial weeds and refresh your reflexes, with the weedkiller game.

Annual weeds

Purple dead nettle Fat hen Opium poppy Hairy bittercress
Perennial weeds

Dandelion Creeping thistle Bindweed Ground elder

6. Problem solving

Pests and diseases
 Annual weeds
 Perennial weeds
 The tools for the job
 Preventing weeds
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Can you spot a weed? Refresh your reflexes, with the weedkiller game.
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Find out how to control problems in your garden with the pest paparazzi game.
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